Ghost Pipe Tincture

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Wild-Harvested M. Uniflora- Ghost Pipe

>>> If you are not already familiar with this plant and its medicinal properties, we highly recommend conducting your own extensive research before using it . <<< >>> This special plant deserves much respect and mindfulness. <<<

This Ghost Pipe was harvested with love and care in a pristine environment, in the Blue …

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Wild-Harvested M. Uniflora- Ghost Pipe

>>> If you are not already familiar with this plant and its medicinal properties, we highly recommend conducting your own extensive research before using it . <<< >>> This special plant deserves much respect and mindfulness. <<<

This Ghost Pipe was harvested with love and care in a pristine environment, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Tincture is made with organic gluten free alcohol. 90%ABV
We do not recommend, prescribe or suggest use or dosage. Will vary on each persons individual needs.

*May cause drowsiness, use with caution while driving.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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ghost pipe, organic alcohol, spring water

216 reviews for Ghost Pipe Tincture

  1. Laurie N

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  2. Yurii Muravia

    Fast delivery. Good quality. Will buy again from this Seller.

  3. DebsPickerSouL

    Product is as described; packed well and shipped very promptly. I will shop here again and am glad they offer these types of products. Thank you.

  4. Ross

    ref: Ghost Pipe Tincture

    All aspects of the transaction from description, payment, (good deal), wrapping, and quality of product was and is excellent. Will be doing business again as needed.
    Thank you. And wish you all the best.


  5. janijanietc

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  6. Ken

    Great shop. Great ghost pipe. fast shipping. AAA

  7. Amanda Lynn

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  8. Ken

    Great product, great price. Works great. love it.

  9. Sara WhiteEagle

    Such a treasure, this plant. Very grateful to have it in tincture form. Timely shipping as usual from shop

  10. Stephanie

    Very fast delivery. I look forward to trying more from this shop.

  11. Garry Tomberlin

    Amazing how well this works. I will order more. Very fast delivery too. Very pleased????

  12. Marisa

    I took this tincture last night (4-5 drops) and I felt super calm, no anxiety while falling asleep and I slept so solid! Can’t wait to try more of your stuff! ????

  13. BeadsandFairies

    Love it. It worked wonderfully to stop a migraine. I took 3-4 drops under the tongue with a same amount of DMSO drops to help absorbtion. It didn't help, so in 15 minutes did it again, and then it worked. I went to sleep and it didn't come back next day. Some people need to take 4 times and more, bt they do not use DMSO. Smells and tastes fresh. Thank you so much.

  14. Vesper Winchester

    Super fast shipping despite the pandemic challenges. Quality product, I am learning a great deal from it. #AdAstra

  15. frisjvzk

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  16. emiliepugh1

    Fast shipping. Very responsive service.

  17. Melanie Hawley

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  18. Natalie

    Thank you! Product is exactly what I was looking for and great quality.

  19. Nova Reign

    beautiful quality.. thank you so much for this sacred medicine.

  20. Simon

    Thanks very much, fantastic product 🙂

  21. Ebben

    Shipped on time. It's been very useful!

  22. Sewcase Studios

    While I wish I could get this with rosewater & glycerin instead of alcohol, I still love it. I find it helps eliminate the "static electricity" in my brain I feel when I'm anxious, tired, or having an exhausting spiritual experience. One half dropper during the day, or one full dropper at night provides me with the comfort I'm looking for.

  23. Christa

    too early to tell anything

  24. Charles

    Wonderful high vibe quality…a little bit goes a long way! Tasty too ????

  25. cindy laughlin

    Thank you. I haven't tried it yet.

  26. Darianne Shepherd

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  27. Charles

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  28. area002

    Wonderful shop and sellers. Attentive, professional and absolute perfection on customer service. If I could rate higher than 5 stars, I would. Thank you again

  29. Robin Blue

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  30. Robin Blue

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  31. Jaime Beitler

    High quality tincture, works great. Thank you!

  32. GDPDreamz

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  33. D. E.

    Works well for pain! Highly recommend!

  34. corinnaanne

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  35. Marcy

    Fast shipping, packed with care, great customer service! I'll definitely be ordering again!

  36. Michael Suszycki

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  37. Carlos

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  38. Nina Verducci

    Helps with my seizure disorder.

  39. Tyler

    Helps with sleep. Helps emotionally. Helps physically. Not abused. Used properly.

  40. Chandra Paz

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  41. Dana Handler

    Great product! Great for stressful situations & environments!

  42. Jessica Mckinney

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  43. Katy Nicholas

    I purposely waited to review this until I needed it. I have been having a bad toothache that is also bringing along a awful headache with it! I finally decided it was time to try this tincture out! And I am super impressed! Within a hour or less my tooth pain subsided along with the headache. I also feel relaxed as well! Really glad I got this now. The shipping was very fast as well!!! Highly recommend for any pain!

  44. Marcus Cantieri

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  45. Renee

    Quick shipping and high quality tincture. Will definitely order again. Thank you!

  46. Jeffrey Mealey

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  47. Dana Handler

    Love this tincture. Great for anxiety & PTSD. Super fast shipping!

  48. Kate Lindenmuth

    Shipped fast and great seller communication! I am anxious to try this for my pain.

  49. Kelly

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  50. Charles

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  51. Mitch Kardos

    We have used other Ghost Pipe tinctures but Running Waters has been the best so far. Quality product and very fast shipping.

  52. Antoinette DiVittorio

    Super fast shipping! Great product.

  53. Samantha Boyette

    Wonderful company! They have been extremely helpful! High quality products!

  54. Amanda Smith

    I love having this lovely tincture on hand for winding down on a high intensity work night. It's calming, soothing and clearly a high quality tincture.

  55. Aleksandra May

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  56. RW Barnes

    This is the strongest, most authentic ghost pipe I’ve tried so far. I already bought more – 15 minutes after trying my first order. This is fantastic. Thank you!

  57. brooke shockley

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  58. RW Barnes

    Truly one of the best ghost pipe tinctures. Has actually bits of ghost pipe in it, very strong. My second purchase this week.

  59. sabrynaann23

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  60. Melissa Calvert

    Excellent quality. Quick shipping. I highly recommend! I will be ordering again. Thanks!

  61. MadMatt Animates

    The product was exactly as advertised, though it did not seem to have any effect for me.

  62. Jerry

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  63. Thomas Cartier

    Awesome product! Works really well to ground me when I’m triggered!

  64. Christina moore

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  65. Tim Williams

    Definitely helps take the edge off my panic attacks! Chronic anxiety sufferer here and it helps. Not a Xanax by all means but this is the best thing I've tried for natural supplements.

  66. RW Barnes

    This is my second purchase. A lovely ghost pipe tincture!
    Thank you!

  67. doug yaknow

    I am happy with my purchase. If one is set on needing ghost pipe, this is the store for it. The store owner even gave some suggestions and helpful advice regarding the use of the ghost pipe. very good customer service.

  68. Mia Sarah

    I will continue purchasing this product from here. This shop never disappoints!

  69. lori

    Thank you!! Really great quality!

  70. tsjones7

    fast shipping, quality product, will continue to purchase.

  71. jkt97401

    Phenomenal product. Just placed my second order, will definitely be a repeat customer. My pains melt away in the face of this medicinal plant.

  72. Dawn Williams

    fast delivery.
    amazing product

  73. Rebecca Sylvester

    This is a high quality tincture, and very effective against pain and emotional distress. I’ve already placed another order. Thank you!

  74. Manny Dan

    Very fine tincture, love the energy and feel!!

  75. Sam

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  76. David

    I received the tincture today and took one squirty full under my tongue. This stuff is the best quality of all of the three I have tried. My neck is really killing me with the sharp pain and this pretty much killed it. Be careful though, on another brand I used two squirts and I had a splitting headache all day and into the night. Only use one squirt.

  77. Becki Smith

    this really works! I am a chronic pain patient and my meds don't cut it anymore and DR. Will not prescribe an increase. I will be a return customer.

  78. Guinevere Starr

    Pain and spasm reduction was fast much faster than I expected (even though research says it works quickly) and quite dramatic pain reduction. I’m so impressed. Using for my youngest child (stage 4 cancer 5 different types of cancer) pain is horrific and next to nothing helps at all. Thank you would highly recommend.

  79. Teri McHugh

    Received quickly! Looks to be top quality too. Hoping it helps!

  80. Meredith

    Just excellent — Thank you for taking the time to make such a pure product!

  81. Eric

    Quality extract! Works for my needs and will definitely buy from running waters again. Package arrived well protected from rough handling and in a quick manner. Great shop!

  82. Jessica Stiffler

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  83. Calyx Clagg

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  84. Rhonda Halen

    This helps tremendously with my chronic Fibro pain.

  85. Becki Smith

    excellent seller, excellent product. lifetime customer.

  86. Becki Smith

    I am so happy that I researched ghost pipe tincture and am even more happy that I went to the right Etsy seller the first time. I will be a lifelong customer.

  87. Becki Smith

    This ghost pipe tincture is an absolute blessing in my life. I will be a return customer.

  88. Guinevere Starr

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  89. Guinevere Starr

    Second purchase for myself. Love it! Highly recommend this for nerve pain especially if it’s inhibiting your sleep. I’ve purchased as a gift for a friend. Very happy would recommend seller and product.

  90. Joanna Allerhand

    Very potent and effective

  91. michael

    IRAQ VET with PTSD helps with my anxiety and sleep great company .and a great product 3rd bottle ive ordered

  92. Teri Tallman

    Product good and fast shipping Thanks

  93. Crystal Bitches

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  94. Amanda West

    Fast shipping and seems to be a strong quality tincture. Would purchase from seller again.

  95. Lauren

    fast ship, just as described, excellent, thank you!

  96. Sophie Roads

    I was able to have a civil conversation with my grandparents about politics and religion because of this magic. Safe to say I’ll be a life long customer!

  97. cheyannejade26

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  98. Amy Van Hecke

    Looks, tastes like good quality

  99. Ruth Lopez

    Excellent product and customer service.

  100. Julie F

    My over stressed, over worked husband felt immediate calmness. We started with low dose and worked wonderful! Thank you!

  101. Laura

    I love it, will reorder.

  102. Mr. Creepz

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  103. Jessica Root

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  104. Ronda Walker

    This is my first time trying ghost pipe and I love it It has really helped me

  105. michael

    great for toothaches and sleep .fast shipping great quality

  106. Danielle Miles

    Awesome product. First one got lost in the mail and and a new one was shipped immediately. Awesome customer service. Will be a repeat customer!

  107. Laura

    Great product, very pleased. Will be ordering again.

  108. Shannon

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  109. Tamara S

    Three drops and my migraine eased. Fantastic!


    Seller was quick to reply to questions. The tincture is very helpful for pain.

  111. Vada

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  112. Cori Hanmer

    Thank you! Fast shipping of a wonderful product!

  113. Kayla Hopp

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  114. Eda Avalon

    Thank you! Very glad to have found this.

  115. Sara Hoos

    Works great for a friend's PTSD.

  116. Dale

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  117. Angela Schiller

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  118. Kimber

    Lovely tincture

  119. Dr. L. Johnson

    Always buy my elixirs from Running Water. Well made and consistent products.

  120. Laura

    Thanks for a great product!!

  121. Gafa

    I am very grateful! This tincture is an amazingly efficient nervine and mild sedative and this is just what was needed during a difficult period. Will come again and recommend to friends!

  122. Emily

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  123. Rob

    A flavourful taste, delicious. Definitely something I"ll buy more and more

  124. Calyx Clagg

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  125. Laren K

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  126. Steve

    I was skeptical trying this product but it does seem to help.

  127. Lee Cagle

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  128. Shauna Riley

    Something happened with my original package and it was lost in the mail. The seller responded immediately and a new package was shipped the same day. This package made it to me successfully. This product is awesome. I will definitely order from this shop again. Thank you

  129. Kelsey

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  130. Dale

    helps with nerve pain sleep anxiety

  131. Justine Gautier

    Excellent product. Exceeded my expectations.

  132. Laura

    Very pleased with my order, great product. ????

  133. Sara Marie

    Beautiful medicine, thank you!

  134. genevievepuglisi

    My husband has severe back pain and said this works great for him.

  135. Nikki

    Rubber dropper bent over due to tiny box but the BEST ghost pipe formula I've tried. This is the 5th one from etsy, most potant thus far. Has the most tiny specks of ghost plant in the tincture I've tried so far. This one seems to help with both anxiety and pain but leans slightly more toward the anxiety side for me but I'm also on heavy duty pain meds and have been for 9 years due to spine condition.
    Thank you for quality product ????
    Ps- please consult doc before taking anything like this if you are currently on other pain killers. One or the other should not be used long term and never taken at the same time of day (just 1 opinion from my doctor).

  136. Justine Gautier

    I love this tincture. Excellent for what ails me.

  137. tammy brooks

    Love this tincture. It came faster than I expected and it was packaged really wewll

  138. Colin M

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  139. Tamara S

    Review has no content.

  140. Kimber Organ

    Just ordered my second bottle!! Love putting several dropper fulls in my hot green tea ???? ????

  141. Maura

    Review has no content.

  142. Renee D

    My son has a back injury that might never fully mend. (26y/o) . He wanted something natural without the usual side effects of other pain medication. It has helped considerably and he is able to cope with the stress with some limited mobility. Thank you isn't enough. God bless you for helping with this amazing plant based tincture.

  143. Seth

    Good product will probably get this again

  144. Rod Ramsey

    I've been testing products online to find resources to replace foraging and producing myself. This product was much better than any other I've purchased. This is as close as anyone can get to foraging and making the tincture at home. I was amazed at the quality and efficacy of a product that could be purchased online.

  145. Jeff Kidwell

    Review has no content.

  146. Tim

    It’s a great quality tincture and they shipped it very fast! I’ve never tried ghost pipe before and was pleasantly surprised with all of its medicinal benefits! I highly recommend this tincture from running waters!!

  147. Jessica

    It suppressed my 19 year old's cough while she had covid. It was the only thing that helped her get any sleep at all. That's the only benefit we noticed.

  148. Kimber Organ

    Second time purchasing!

  149. Colin M

    This stuff works.

  150. Ardith

    The item was shipped quickly. Packaged well. Exactly as described. Thank you!

  151. Kelsey

    Second time buying. It works really good for headaches, pains and panic attacks.

  152. Stephanie Dotson

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  153. Zoe Vega

    Review has no content.

  154. Xochi

    Excellent quality, it seems to have a notable effect on my elderly mother’s pain. Please anyone who reads this, work with ghost pipe only when absolutely necessary. This plant is extremely at risk, it’s medicine should be a last resort.

  155. Angela Singleton

    Delivery was fast and packaged well to protect the bottle. My back pain completely vanished within a few days of my regular use – there’s no way to know for sure it was bc of the ghost pipe, but I will certainly keep using it when I need a little extra help battling various pains.

  156. genevievepuglisi

    Review has no content.

  157. Hannah

    Item arrived promptly, and is exactly as described!
    I didn't take the time to harvest any myself, and now being the middle of winter, I'm really appreciating be able to find a place that offers & shares a common respect & appreciation of nature's medicine!

  158. Meredith

    Thank you so much for making your quality products available, and with prompt delivery!

  159. Raven Cowles

    Review has no content.

  160. Isaac

    I was having extreme nausea and normal medication wasn't working for me. Used this and it allowed me to eat some food. I highly recommend this, of course see your doctor first before using herbal supplements. Mad me sleepy towards the end and that's great it took a bit to be sedative so can function for a while before needing to sleep. I do hope at some point in the future that the dropper will have markings for measurement. Helps a lot to get consistent amounts and not to over use. 5/5 stars still!

  161. Dale

    Review has no content.

  162. Lillie Falco-Adkins

    I love this ghost pipe tincture. It’s my 2nd bottle I’ve purchased from this seller. It helps with headaches and anxiety, a little goes a long way. Order arrived quickly.

  163. Farah Gelin

    Review has no content.

  164. Barry

    I love this product so far! I suffer from horrid nerve pain as a result of a birth defect in my spine. I also have a disease that causes wide-spread pain. I've been using this product for a few days now and have noticed a big improvement as far as pain goes. I had pain that was about an 7 yesterday, and after two 1ml doses(taken 15 minutes apart) of this tincture under my tongue, my pain diminished to about a 2 or 3! I also use a topical cbd creme and using the creme plus this tincture my pain was barely noticeable. I'll continue to test this product, and will update my review after a month or so. thank you!

  165. animefreak100234

    The product works great. I was battling a bad flair up of tmj and it just worked when nothing else would. Thank you for a great product.

  166. Renee Smith

    Amazing product! I am so grateful so have come across this miraculous plant I never knew about until it kept popping up and decided to do some research on it! highly recommend! will definitely be buying again

  167. Nadine Hibshman

    Thanks so much, great product and fast shipping.

  168. Jen Flanagan

    Review has no content.

  169. Jermario Gordon

    Review has no content.

  170. Laura

    Thanks for the fast shipment, always a great product ☺

  171. Randallo Chi

    Damaged products due to post office. RWS has great HQ products and excellent communication skills, per Charlie at RunningWater Shop. Highly recommended.

  172. Katie Blethrow

    Review has no content.

  173. Landon Lofstrom

    Excellent two thumbs up good

  174. Eve Collier-Griffin

    this is an extremely high quality product! I will definitely purchase it from this seller regularly.

  175. Acelyn Ward

    Review has no content.

  176. Heaven Kuder

    Love the message and products from this company!!

  177. Mechelle

    Paid slightly more for faster shipping and item arrived before I expected. This was my first time using this this particular type of product. Firm believer that people react differently to the same remedies. Taste isn't fabulous but it isn't terrible. Quality seems top notch. Happy I selected this store to purchase from.

  178. goddessyogini

    Excellent. Thank you for the secure packaging.

  179. Randi Terrell

    fast shipping and amazing product

  180. textec

    Review has no content.

  181. Mary Modeer

    The owners of this company are wonderful. I have purchased several of their blends locally. I am super impressed with their ghost pipe. I have purchased Ghost Pipe from other sellers, but it is not as potent as Running Waters. I highly recommend all products from Running Waters, you will not be disappointed!

  182. Renee Smith

    Review has no content.

  183. InfiniteeStrat

    The ghost pipe tincture is extremely high quality, and with just three drops it produced in me a very relaxing sleep with pleasant dreams. Seems to have a unique anti anxiety effect too. Shop owners are also fantastic and helped me with a mistaken order in the past without qualms. Will definitely order from them again!

  184. Jeramie Korum

    Review has no content.

  185. Dale

    Review has no content.

  186. Nichole

    Excited to incorporate this tincture

  187. Elia

    Review has no content.

  188. cmmayer27

    Review has no content.

  189. Jaki Milo

    Review has no content.

  190. Sebastian DeRosia

    Beautiful and potent tincture, im really appreciative to find this healing/calming plant that is very mindfully produced

  191. Vixen

    Review has no content.

  192. Laura

    Loved the product, will order again☺

  193. Becki Smith

    great product, fast shipping.

  194. Jeramie Korum

    so far this is my favorite Ghost Pipe tincture I've found on Etsy. the 2oz bottle seems to be more saturated with floating matter which in my experience is a good thing. well done!

  195. Mollie

    Review has no content.

  196. Raquel Garcia

    My favorite ghost pipe tincture, I always buy from here. High quality, always works for my anxiety.

  197. Courtney Smith

    I bought this tincture as a gift for my mom, and she is happy with the results! She reported that it has helped her achy joints and muscles after working all day in the garden, and it works quickly. I’m thankful to have this medicine available to her!

  198. Trevor

    Great stuff! And it got here quick!!

  199. Renée Missé

    Review has no content.

  200. Ruth Lopez

    This is my second time ordering from this shop. I think they harvest responsibly and fulfill their orders in a timely way. The packaging is lovely. Not overdone but careful to protect the bottle. I'll be back!

  201. Tamara S

    Review has no content.

  202. omega40001

    Review has no content.

  203. Tamara S

    Review has no content.

  204. Sam

    Seller answered questions perfectly — amazing, scarce, effective, surprisingly worthwhile. As a long term, self-taught ethnobotanical and pharmacological geek, this one really came out of left field, in the best way. I am not sensitive to substances. As such, the placebo effect isn’t much of a variable with me. It takes a lot for me to leave a positive review on something novel. It truly does work for trauma. I often have moments of being overwhelmed with empathy flooding my mind with worry for others. I work 14 hour days as a psychiatric direct care specialist, so this really helps after difficult shifts, when I can’t stop worrying for the patients — because I care too much, and I “take work home with me,”spiritually. Also, having just endured 2 car wrecks, this raised my threshold for avoiding flashbacks/triggers with driving.

  205. James

    Lots of mushrooms particles in it not bad on the taste fast shipping.

  206. Adam

    Met my expectations, and then some. Arrived to Canada safely and quickly. If I could give more than 5 stars I would~!

  207. Caroline

    Same problem here with the childproof top that would not come off no matter who tried to get it off; had to use pliers but item was nice and packaged well and arrived on time. didn't want to hurt their rating so still gave them a 5 but ask them about their tops 1st. we have no one under 60 any where near our house so top was VERY inappropriate

  208. Lisa Kent

    Review has no content.

  209. Robert

    I take for pain great stuff. thanks

  210. Emily miller

    Review has no content.

  211. Debbie

    Great! works well. Love it!

  212. Carla Martinez

    Review has no content.

  213. puella47

    pain relief without feeling loopy. love this

  214. Emily

    Review has no content.

  215. Diana

    This helps me to feel more relaxed.

  216. Jamie Manning (verified owner)

    Just started using this about 5 days ago. Im still trying to find the right dosage to take for more pain relief… Any suggestions would be welcomed and very much appreciated. It definitely
    does help to get more relaxed after a long day at work. All the reading up i have done says that it can cause intense and vivid dreams. Tht has not happened. So dont let that detour you from trying it. I will say this tho.. Its definitely improving my ability to sleep more sound. Which is something ive always struggled with. So far happy with this purchase.

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