Ghost Pipe Tincture

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Wild-Harvested M. Uniflora- Ghost Pipe

>>> If you are not already familiar with this plant and its medicinal properties, we highly recommend conducting your own extensive research before using it . <<< >>> This special plant deserves much respect and mindfulness. <<<

This Ghost Pipe was harvested with love and care in a pristine environment, in the Blue …

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Wild-Harvested M. Uniflora- Ghost Pipe

>>> If you are not already familiar with this plant and its medicinal properties, we highly recommend conducting your own extensive research before using it . <<< >>> This special plant deserves much respect and mindfulness. <<<

This Ghost Pipe was harvested with love and care in a pristine environment, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Tincture is made with organic gluten free alcohol. 90%ABV
We do not recommend, prescribe or suggest use or dosage. Will vary on each persons individual needs.

*May cause drowsiness, use with caution while driving.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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ghost pipe, organic alcohol, spring water

66 reviews for Ghost Pipe Tincture

  1. Laurie N

    Review has no content.

  2. Yurii Muravia

    Fast delivery. Good quality. Will buy again from this Seller.

  3. DebsPickerSouL

    Product is as described; packed well and shipped very promptly. I will shop here again and am glad they offer these types of products. Thank you.

  4. Ross

    ref: Ghost Pipe Tincture

    All aspects of the transaction from description, payment, (good deal), wrapping, and quality of product was and is excellent. Will be doing business again as needed.
    Thank you. And wish you all the best.


  5. janijanietc

    Review has no content.

  6. Ken

    Great shop. Great ghost pipe. fast shipping. AAA

  7. Amanda Lynn

    Review has no content.

  8. Ken

    Great product, great price. Works great. love it.

  9. Sara WhiteEagle

    Such a treasure, this plant. Very grateful to have it in tincture form. Timely shipping as usual from shop

  10. Stephanie

    Very fast delivery. I look forward to trying more from this shop.

  11. Garry Tomberlin

    Amazing how well this works. I will order more. Very fast delivery too. Very pleased????

  12. Marisa

    I took this tincture last night (4-5 drops) and I felt super calm, no anxiety while falling asleep and I slept so solid! Can’t wait to try more of your stuff! ????

  13. BeadsandFairies

    Love it. It worked wonderfully to stop a migraine. I took 3-4 drops under the tongue with a same amount of DMSO drops to help absorbtion. It didn't help, so in 15 minutes did it again, and then it worked. I went to sleep and it didn't come back next day. Some people need to take 4 times and more, bt they do not use DMSO. Smells and tastes fresh. Thank you so much.

  14. Vesper Winchester

    Super fast shipping despite the pandemic challenges. Quality product, I am learning a great deal from it. #AdAstra

  15. frisjvzk

    Review has no content.

  16. emiliepugh1

    Fast shipping. Very responsive service.

  17. Melanie Hawley

    Review has no content.

  18. Natalie

    Thank you! Product is exactly what I was looking for and great quality.

  19. Nova Reign

    beautiful quality.. thank you so much for this sacred medicine.

  20. Simon

    Thanks very much, fantastic product 🙂

  21. Ebben

    Shipped on time. It's been very useful!

  22. Sewcase Studios

    While I wish I could get this with rosewater & glycerin instead of alcohol, I still love it. I find it helps eliminate the "static electricity" in my brain I feel when I'm anxious, tired, or having an exhausting spiritual experience. One half dropper during the day, or one full dropper at night provides me with the comfort I'm looking for.

  23. Christa

    too early to tell anything

  24. Charles

    Wonderful high vibe quality…a little bit goes a long way! Tasty too ????

  25. cindy laughlin

    Thank you. I haven't tried it yet.

  26. Darianne Shepherd

    Review has no content.

  27. Charles

    Review has no content.

  28. area002

    Wonderful shop and sellers. Attentive, professional and absolute perfection on customer service. If I could rate higher than 5 stars, I would. Thank you again

  29. Robin Blue

    Review has no content.

  30. Robin Blue

    Review has no content.

  31. Jaime Beitler

    High quality tincture, works great. Thank you!

  32. GDPDreamz

    Review has no content.

  33. D. E.

    Works well for pain! Highly recommend!

  34. corinnaanne

    Review has no content.

  35. Marcy

    Fast shipping, packed with care, great customer service! I'll definitely be ordering again!

  36. Michael Suszycki

    Review has no content.

  37. Carlos

    Review has no content.

  38. Nina Verducci

    Helps with my seizure disorder.

  39. Tyler

    Helps with sleep. Helps emotionally. Helps physically. Not abused. Used properly.

  40. Chandra Paz

    Review has no content.

  41. Dana Handler

    Great product! Great for stressful situations & environments!

  42. Jessica Mckinney

    Review has no content.

  43. Katy Nicholas

    I purposely waited to review this until I needed it. I have been having a bad toothache that is also bringing along a awful headache with it! I finally decided it was time to try this tincture out! And I am super impressed! Within a hour or less my tooth pain subsided along with the headache. I also feel relaxed as well! Really glad I got this now. The shipping was very fast as well!!! Highly recommend for any pain!

  44. Marcus Cantieri

    Review has no content.

  45. Renee

    Quick shipping and high quality tincture. Will definitely order again. Thank you!

  46. Jeffrey Mealey

    Review has no content.

  47. Dana Handler

    Love this tincture. Great for anxiety & PTSD. Super fast shipping!

  48. Kate Lindenmuth

    Shipped fast and great seller communication! I am anxious to try this for my pain.

  49. Kelly

    Review has no content.

  50. Charles

    Review has no content.

  51. Mitch Kardos

    We have used other Ghost Pipe tinctures but Running Waters has been the best so far. Quality product and very fast shipping.

  52. Antoinette DiVittorio

    Super fast shipping! Great product.

  53. Samantha Boyette

    Wonderful company! They have been extremely helpful! High quality products!

  54. Amanda Smith

    I love having this lovely tincture on hand for winding down on a high intensity work night. It's calming, soothing and clearly a high quality tincture.

  55. Aleksandra May

    Review has no content.

  56. RW Barnes

    This is the strongest, most authentic ghost pipe I’ve tried so far. I already bought more – 15 minutes after trying my first order. This is fantastic. Thank you!

  57. brooke shockley

    Review has no content.

  58. RW Barnes

    Truly one of the best ghost pipe tinctures. Has actually bits of ghost pipe in it, very strong. My second purchase this week.

  59. sabrynaann23

    Review has no content.

  60. Melissa Calvert

    Excellent quality. Quick shipping. I highly recommend! I will be ordering again. Thanks!

  61. MadMatt Animates

    The product was exactly as advertised, though it did not seem to have any effect for me.

  62. Jerry

    Review has no content.

  63. Thomas Cartier

    Awesome product! Works really well to ground me when I’m triggered!

  64. Christina moore

    Review has no content.

  65. Tim Williams

    Definitely helps take the edge off my panic attacks! Chronic anxiety sufferer here and it helps. Not a Xanax by all means but this is the best thing I've tried for natural supplements.

  66. RW Barnes

    This is my second purchase. A lovely ghost pipe tincture!
    Thank you!

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