Double Extracted Reishi Mushroom Tincture

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Sustainably Wild Harvested G. Tsugae- Reishi Mushrooms.

These Reishi’s were harvested with love and care in a pristine environment, off old-growth Hemlock trees, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The tincture is double extracted for maximum benefits, using organic gluten free alcohol and fresh living spring water. 45% ABV.

Dose: Take 2-3 dropper fulls 2-3 times …

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Sustainably Wild Harvested G. Tsugae- Reishi Mushrooms.

These Reishi’s were harvested with love and care in a pristine environment, off old-growth Hemlock trees, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The tincture is double extracted for maximum benefits, using organic gluten free alcohol and fresh living spring water. 45% ABV.

Dose: Take 2-3 dropper fulls 2-3 times a day in juice or water. Best if taken with high-quality Vitamin C. Shake well before use.

For More Information on Reishi Check Out Our Medicinal Mushroom Page Under Product Info

*Any order over 16oz. will be shipped in plastic bottles for safety during transport. We advise to transfer tincture to glass bottles upon arrival for long term storage.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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organic alcohol, reishi mushroom, spring water

101 reviews for Double Extracted Reishi Mushroom Tincture

  1. Miranda Zach

    Securely packaged, quality item. Will order from again!

  2. I’Nasah Crockett

    Product has been great, totally satisfied!

  3. Morgan Wilson

    Amazing quality & so happy to have found a double extracted, organic source for reishi! Definitely recommend!

  4. Sara WhiteEagle

    Arrived safely and secure with quick shipping

  5. DenOf SacredLight

    seems like some fine quality reishi to me. wish I knew what alcohol was used though.

  6. Shane Stoner

    Works great, fast shipping, would buy again

  7. kathy madden

    Arrived super fast. Packaged well, no breakage. Plan to try it soon.

  8. hbuzby2

    Exactly what I had hoped for, goes very well in coffee or chai. Will be ordering from Running Waters again.

  9. Cristian

    Really nice quality and strong I would recommend to anyone that wants to replenish the 3 treasures at 1s (:

  10. cyndibaker2

    Great quality tincture!

  11. Caitlin

    Quick delivery after the order. Quality product!

  12. Adrian Melgoza

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  13. Chelsee

    Appreciate the super fast shipping. The dropper only sucks up 1/3 of the liquid, but other than that it’s a good product. I would buy again.

  14. Shawn

    Item received as described and packaged very well. Look forward to using products…pretty sure I will b a regular customer. Received items sooner than expected which is always a plus!!!

  15. hbuzby2

    This is my third order from Running Waters. Every order arrives very quickly and packaged well. I mostly add the reishi extract to my coffee or tea and love how it stabilizes my energy (a more natural energy, not jittery, that lasts about half the day).

  16. cyndibaker2

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  17. Michael Johanning

    I am very pleased with how quickly my Extract arrived. I will continue to use your product.

  18. Emma Leake

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  19. carlabigio

    Thank you so much! The Reishi Mushroom tincture is exactly what I was looking for!

  20. shorthaiku

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  21. mcirish23

    Always lighting fast delivery and great mushroom medicine for-
    cancer, aging, boosting the immune system to prevent or treat infections, and for many other reasons, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.

    In combination with other herbs, reishi mushroom is used to treat prostate cancer. Also in combination with other ingredients, reishi mushroom may be used for viruses, such as the human papilloma virus (HPV), genital herpes, and cold sores.

  22. tasha petronave

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  23. Meg Harwell

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  24. brooke shockley

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    arrived on time, i love the product

  26. Amy McCullar

    Fast shipping. Excellent packaging. It’s exactly what I ordered! Thank you!

  27. LaTrisha

    Product arrived quickly and I can tell it was packaged with care. The quality is amazing and I’ll definitely be back!

  28. Maroly Moreno

    AMAZING product, customer service, shipping <3 love love love your products!

  29. Rosanna Delgado

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  30. Charles

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  31. Steph Durbin

    Ever since using this tincture I have been so clear headed and have had no crashes throughout the day… I work 2 jobs and generally I am usually so emotionally and mentally drained, but this has been helping me greatly reduce my stress and stay focused on any task at hand. Thank you! Will be ordering more soon!

  32. mcirish23

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  33. dbay4stuff

    Very high quality product, prompt shipping – thank you!

  34. Rebecca Graba

    So happy to have gotten this! I haven't had to use it yet, but I know it's here if I need it. Timely shipping and came unharmed.

  35. abbeydye123

    Packaged very well! I haven’t officially tried it yet, but I already ordered another tincture! Thank you!!

  36. Erin Baugher

    Fast shipping, great taste, quality packaging.

  37. Marysia Marysia

    I have to say that it works. It's my first time with resihi mushroom and I feel a lot better. No more mood swings, I sleep fast and wake up early on my own. Will be buying more

  38. dbay4stuff

    Wonderful tincture – fast shipping – thank you!

  39. Carmen Sunderland

    Arrived in perfect condition!
    In the morning I add a serving of the reishi and lion's mane extract into my redbull and have noticed a reduction in depressive symptoms and my brain fog. Thanks so much ????, will be purchasing again!


    Shipped quick and tastes very much like reishi

  41. Sherry

    Fast shipment. Great product. Will order again.

  42. Sebastian Valentin

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  43. Jordon Williams

    Excellent product! This is the second time I have purchased and will be buying more when I run low!

  44. Gwynne Hadidian

    Excellent mushroom tincture. 5 star+ etsy seller. I am a repeat customer and have never been disappointed. Highly recommend.

  45. Panhandler

    Very fast shipping. Will see over time.

  46. anna kasper

    I have been taking this reishi before bed and it definitely helps with relaxation. It makes my body feel heavy and calm. I love mushrooms, especially the magical reishi, and expect to see changes with anxiety issues over time. This seller seems to have a potent product. Thank you!

  47. GDPDreamz

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  48. carlabigio

    You can't go wrong with this shop!

  49. Isabella Conrad

    Wonderful tincture !

  50. Kate Newman

    this was great, thank you!

  51. patricia

    This is a perfect addition to our winter immunity support boosting immunity but not overwhelming it. We will be purchasing these again.


    meet my expectations as listed

  53. Tim Taylor

    A quality tincture. An affordable and practical addition to my health maintenance routine. I will purchase again.

  54. Marisa

    Love this extract and everything I’ve gotten from from Running Waters!

  55. Casey Clement

    Because the mail is so slow during COVID I reached out to the seller and they sent a second package right away. Eventually both ended up arriving at the same time! Excellent customer service and I am very pleased with the product as well.

  56. stephanie skogen

    I'm certain the quality is exceptional. But I couldn't get past the taste. Not your fault. I just wasn't prepared for it.

  57. Kathryn Marcellus

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  58. Mark

    Outstanding product and service. Thank you guys 🙂

  59. Mark

    I want to thank the owners of this shop for the outstanding product and service. I have been buying from them for quite some time now and we are very pleased.

  60. brooke shockley

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  61. Tanya

    Great Reishi Mushroom tincture, just what I was looking for. Great seller. I will be buying more from RunningWatersShop.

  62. Sarah Emerson

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  63. Janet

    Just as described. Good quality.

  64. Panhandler

    This is integral to my seasonal allergies which have improved over the last 3 years by treating them with Reishi and Nettle. The reishi before bed improves my sleep and rest.

  65. Jonathon Long

    Excellent quality, exactly what I was looking for thank you

  66. Teri Williams

    Arrived quickly and safely but think it's getting to warm to mail tinctures.

  67. Dr. L. Johnson

    Well crafted – so good I went back for more!

  68. Dr. L. Johnson

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  69. dudmeister

    Super service and quality product, thanks!

  70. Dave Tripp

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  71. Sharon

    Great service, communication and product! Picked it up to help with my husband's neuropathy. Will update with results in a few weeks…keeping our fingers crossed!

  72. Di Drake

    Looking forward to trying this out for my Hashimotos after reading a few scientific journals on how beneficial it can be for some folx with Hashimotos and other autoimmune issues.

    I feel good knowing this is also sourced ethically and with care. Thank you.

  73. Kitfuderich

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  74. Bria

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  75. corinnaanne

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  76. mahakamal1

    Fast shipping, quality extract! Blends great with my morning water with no aftertaste.

  77. Kitfuderich

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  78. Crystal Boggs

    I take this every morning and it has made a huge difference I would definitely buy more

  79. Christine Auclair

    Wonderful product, clearly crafted with love and great energy! Thank you! ????

  80. Ariel

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  81. Steve Meyer

    Top quality product…. Very Happy… Thanks !!!

  82. Kitfuderich

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  83. Acelyn Ward

    I love it so much it helps me a lot, but i wish they was more info like how much is in each bottle i:e how much reishi is distilled into the tincture. Otherwise i love the product will definitely be ordering again!

  84. Sign in with Apple user

    Review has no content.

  85. Matt Stone

    First time ordering and will be ordering again

  86. abdelkader

    Tested in lab, the content are within the acceptable range.
    Smell wonderfully Reishi wood, taste a little alcoholically

  87. Christine Auclair

    Wonderful product. Repeat customer. This reishi is spectacular. Absolutely love it!

  88. Christine Auclair

    Amazing reishi, great energy! Repeat, happy customer! ????

  89. kfbarr64

    Wonderful. Thank you!

  90. Kitfuderich

    great tincture- consistent and a nice part of my morning routine.

  91. Christine Auclair

    Always happy with the wonderful products from Running Waters. Excellent!!!????????

  92. Aiko

    I'm doing well with this tincture, feeling more energy, etc. I love the fact that the price of this is very reasonable!

  93. Christine Auclair

    Always a wonderful product each and every time ????????????

  94. Kelly petty

    Thank you!!

  95. Christine Auclair

    A happy customer once again! Thank you for a superior product & fast shipping! ????????

  96. Tess Tooker

    Great quality!

  97. jifox88

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  98. Christine Auclair

    Always wonderful products from this herbalist!

  99. Aiko

    Love this tincture! This is my second bottle.

  100. Christine Auclair

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  101. Cece C.

    Amazing dual supplement, after two month of taking it I really felt the difference in myself.

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