Our Story

Our endless quest to produce high vibration nourishment began in 2008. Dissatisfied with the quality of mainstream foods, water and medicines, we realized the only way to fulfill our healthful desires was to produce our own, at the source. After extensive world traveling, synchronicity led us to our original beloved homestead in 2012.

Enchanted by Her living spring water, we happily settled on Roan, one of the highest mountains in the Blue Ridge of North Carolina. Known as “Ghigau,” or the “Beloved Woman” in Cherokee, she boasts an incredibly abundant and bio-diverse ecosystem.  Although our presence is no longer full-time on Ghigau, we continue to maintain the homestead and visit Her seasonally for ceremony, wild foraging, and medicine making. We are incredibly grateful to be able to share the medicine and magic from this pristine sacred place. 

Lured in by the mystical vortex energy and healing waters of Sedona, we instinctively knew this was the best location for our next phase of creation. Amazed with the lush bio-diversity in Oak Creek Canyon and the San Francisco Peaks, we are happily at home co-creating with this abundant oasis in the desert.  We feel that the synergistic harmony from the forests of the Blue Ridge to the high desert of the Red Rocks, allows us to create the highest possible quality of medicine available.

We preserve our integrity by following sustainable wild-foraging techniques and energy exchange practices. We make every effort to ensure our cultivated products are organically grown with love and living spring water, and we also locally source all ingredients that are not homegrown. We take great satisfaction in guaranteeing purity and potency in all of our medicines. With an emphasis on simplicity and quality we are dedicated to living in harmony with man and nature.

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