Our Story

Our endless quest to produce high vibration nourishment began in 2008. Dissatisfied with the quality of mainstream foods and medicines, we realized the best way to fulfill our healthful desires was to grow our own. After extensive world wandering, synchronicity led us to our original beloved homestead in 2012. Since then we have been enjoying and expanding our sustainable and delicious creations.

Our original single-family homestead is located at 4000 feet above sea level on the south side of Roan Mountain, NC. In honor of Cherokee tradition we call our mountain “Ghigau,” The Beloved Woman. At over 1 billion years old, she is one of the most evolved mountains in the world. Megalithic amounts of minerals, precious metals, gems and crystals have eroded and settled, creating an exceptionally diverse and abundant ecosystem. Ancient pristine aquifers have given way to underground rivers and springs, the magical life-blood of our homestead. The rare purity and bio-diversity Ghigau has gifted us allows Running Waters to boast exceptionally high vibration and quality products.

Eight years after the conception of our original dream, we realized the deep seeded need for expansion, and connection within an urban community. Taking our tools, skills, and dreams from the mountain, we headed west to start a second urban homestead in Lawrence, Kansas. This was an easy choice, as our family roots run deep through these rolling hills, rivers and wetlands. Lawrence lies on the westernmost band of America’s great deciduous forest; here animal, plant, herb, and mushroom diversity are amazing. Thus making our expansion a delight.

Although our presence in no longer full-time on Ghigau, we maintain our homestead and visit seasonally for ceremony, wild foraging, cultivated medicinals and medicine making. Running Waters urban homestead in Lawrence will include lush permaculture, a full mushroom facility, certified kitchen and ultra pure living water. We are excited to blend and share the best of urban and mountain abundance.

We strive to preserve our integrity by practicing sustainable wild-harvesting techniques. We make every effort to ensure our cultivated products are organically grown with love and living water, and we also locally source all ingredients that are not homegrown. With an emphasis on simplicity and purity we are dedicated to living in synchronistic harmony with man and nature.

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