Running Waters FAQs

Fruit Body or Mycelium?

All of our medical mushroom tinctures are made entirely from sustainably wild-foraged or organically homegrown mushroom fruit bodies, ensuring the highest potency. We use NO filler products such as mycelium mass.

Potency? Extract Method?

We use the traditional Taoist method of double and triple extraction ensuring the highest potency. This process unlocks the maximum amount of bio-available medicine compared to any other technique, i.e., powders, capsules, etc. Our double extraction process is as follows:

  • We use low temperature dehydration of respectfully foraged or homegrown mushroom fruit bodies.
  • We then make an extract consisting of four ounces of dried mushrooms to one half gallon pure alcohol for two or more weeks.
  • Next, we cold press and separate the mushroom fruit from the alcohol.
  • Then we add the mushroom fruit body to two-and-a-half gallons of living spring water that is boiled until half a gallon of liquid remains, resulting in a decoction (concentrated essence). The decoction is then cooled.
  • The mushroom fruit is then separated from the liquid by cold press.
  • Finally, the alcohol extract is combined with the water decoction for full spectrum benefits.

Our triple extraction process for Chaga includes all of the above with an additional low temperature (160° F) water decoction for 8 hours.

There is approximately 100 mg of full spectrum mushroom medicine in 3 droppers of extract.

Alcohol Content?

To maximize the bio-availability of our medicines, we maintain approximately 45% alcohol by volume. Alcohol is the essential agent for mushroom extraction and is needed to unlock the benefits of polysaccharides, polyphenols, carotenoids, and peptides, etc. We believe that the Taoists created alcohol for this very process.

Alcohol Type?

We use 190 proof organic, gluten free corn alcohol.


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