Double Extracted Lions Mane Mushroom Tincture

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Indoor Cultivated H. Erinaceus- Lions Mane Mushrooms.

These Lions Manes were grown with love and care, on our homestead, using supplemented hardwood bags inside. The tincture is double extracted for maximum benefits, using organic gluten free alcohol and fresh living spring water. 45% ABV.

Dose: Take 2-3 dropper fulls 2-3 times a day in juice or …

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Indoor Cultivated H. Erinaceus- Lions Mane Mushrooms.

These Lions Manes were grown with love and care, on our homestead, using supplemented hardwood bags inside. The tincture is double extracted for maximum benefits, using organic gluten free alcohol and fresh living spring water. 45% ABV.

Dose: Take 2-3 dropper fulls 2-3 times a day in juice or water. Best if taken with high-quality Vitamin C. Shake well before use.

For Further Information On Lions Mane Please Check out our Medicinal Mushroom Page under Product Info

*Any order over 16oz. will be shipped in plastic bottles for safety during transport. We advise to transfer tincture to glass bottles upon arrival for long term storage.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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lions mane mushroom, organic alcohol, spring water

117 reviews for Double Extracted Lions Mane Mushroom Tincture

  1. Solace

    I love my tincture, use it every day!

  2. Sara WhiteEagle

    Wonderful product, beautiful label, and fast shipment!

  3. Nola Watkins

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  4. Sara WhiteEagle

    My second purchase of this medicine. Timely shipping and secure packaging

  5. Terasa

    Comes right away. Love this company.

  6. Deb M

    Great product. Super fast shipping!

  7. Krista

    Nice presentation/bottle, and it was shipped very shortly after I purchased it (the same day). I bought lions mane to see if it will help with brain fog, energy levels, mild anxiety, and/or depression. At some point, I may return to update the review regarding its benefits in relation to those issues.

  8. Nola Watkins

    Long time customer of this company!! Highly recommend their products ????

  9. Maribeth Swan

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  10. Michael

    Superb service. As with previous orders, received this order in only two days. Running Waters products have always been of the highest and purest quality. The wide selection of items is very attractive. And best of all, they are so reasonably priced!

  11. rubysb77

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  12. Ally Bierce

    Very happy with this product. Thanks so much 🙂

  13. brooke shockley

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  14. CoolbreezeCole

    Loveeee it! So beneficial to me

  15. Teresa

    Wonderful product. Thank you!

  16. tasha petronave

    Absolutely excited for this one!

  17. CoolbreezeCole

    just a great product overall, really feel the affects after one bottle

  18. Pnugent

    Great, just like my last order!

  19. Rebecca Evans

    Smells like lions mane, and looks like a great tincture. Will buy again

  20. Angie Gustafson

    Absolutely love it. I take about two dropper fulls every day.


    I love the product arrived on time

  22. Bryant Abreu

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  23. Rebecca Evans

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  24. dbay4stuff

    Love this delicious extract – thank you!

  25. Katheryn

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  26. Joseph

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  27. brooke shockley

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  28. Sewcase Studios

    The real deal. This delivers all proposed effects.

  29. Eloisa B

    Wowzers! Larger than I expected, but that's a good thing. I ordered this with a Turkey Tail tincture and it was securely and safely wrapped and package for travel. I'll be giving this as a gift so I won't be using it, but the hazy liquid in the bottle makes me glad I bought it. Thank you Running Waters Shop.

  30. InfamousTime17

    Good quality!

  31. dbay4stuff

    Very high quality product, prompt shipping – thank you!

  32. Sara WhiteEagle

    I appreciate the large bottles offered by this shop – top notch tinctures at fair price. I take this one to improve brain function

  33. abbeydye123

    This order came SO FAST! I mix them with lemonade and it’s perfect! Thank you!!!

  34. Terry


  35. dbay4stuff

    Wonderful tincture – fast shipping – thank you!

  36. Travis Smith

    I love this product!

  37. kalinacoyote

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  38. Sewcase Studios

    Reordered, because quality was proven!

  39. Jerry

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  40. Carmen Sunderland

    Arrived in perfect condition!
    In the morning I add a serving of the reishi and lion's mane extract into my redbull and have noticed a reduction in depressive symptoms and my brain fog. Thanks so much ????, will be purchasing again!

  41. Sherry

    Fast shipment. Great product. Will order again.

  42. Jordon Williams

    Great Product! I want to try all of this shops tinctures!

  43. GDPDreamz

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  44. john falco

    Potent tincture i am purchasing the big 8oz bottle of lions mane and reishi next. Excited. Helped with brain fog and over-all well being

  45. Sandy

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  46. Tim Taylor

    Fantastic tincture. I use it along with turkey tail, reishi and chaga. I feel like it’s a affordable and practical addition to my health maintenance.

  47. Tori Bland

    Amazing product, will definitely order more in the future!

  48. Isabelle Mcdonald

    Received my lions mane tincture, shipping was fast and love that it’s a larger bottle! Looking forward to how this helps me. Only thing I didn’t realize is it didn’t come with a dropper which was odd but that’s ok i have an extra at home! I recommend this product and company!

  49. stephanie skogen

    I'm certain the quality is exceptional. But I couldn't get past the taste. Not your fault. I just wasn't prepared for it.

  50. Amber Abdullah

    My lions mane was just delivered and I can't wait try it. It was packaged with great care and delivered faster than I was expecting.

  51. Ariel D’Angelillo

    Great tincture love it so far! Will be purchasing another one very soon. 🙂

  52. hopedaus

    Definitely repurchasing this product! It was much more potent that the standard shelf items. The only thing I do not like is that the dropper does not come off easily. It’s a pain to put on and take off. The product itself is amazing.

  53. Tori Bland

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  54. Tori Bland

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  55. brooke shockley

    Always amazing

  56. VirtuosoMoonRose

    I've been noticing changes already in the first two weeks, I decided to go in search of buying some after reading a couple books on mushrooms. So far I really like this product and the quality delivered.

  57. Ford McClellan

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  58. Elexis Polanco

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  59. Karen Bierce

    Quick shipping, amazing product! I’m hooked for life!

  60. dbay4stuff

    Love this extract – warming and wakening – thank you!

  61. April Donachy

    Great product. Thank you again!

  62. Michael

    So far, so good. Feel some stimulation in my body(mind)

  63. kirbi

    At first there were problems with my package as USPS lost it, but when contacting the company they were quick to send out another.

  64. Jerry

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  65. grammagramma

    Quality is excellent. Will be back..

  66. Gwynne Hadidian

    Very pleased with all the mushroom tinctures I order. Terrific seller.

  67. Gwynne Hadidian

    Great mushroom tinctures. I love this Etsy shop.

  68. Terri

    I love this product! Have ordered the Lions Main twice. The only problem is the caps on the bottle have been cracked and chipped with small leakage. So maybe more care around the top of bottle before shipping.

  69. Kit Furderer

    My first journey into elixirs and I’m loving it.
    I’m ordering more from the shop ASAP.

  70. Terri

    I previously wrote a review about the caps on the bottles being broken. This time the caps were NOT broken. Very pleased with the Lions Mane tincture. Will be ordering again!

  71. Janet

    Love ordering from this shop. Fast shipping.

  72. Ergo Black

    Best quality lion's mane I've tried!

  73. RararaNenene

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  74. Dan

    I truly am enjoying this tincture. I hope the effects become obvious in the near future. Will be back to them in the future!

  75. Stephen Sensoli

    This is a really good extract. Thanks.

  76. Janet

    Quality is exceptional and it arrives in very good shape.

  77. Terri

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  78. grammagramma

    Thinking more clearly just thinking about this Lion's Mane…:-)

  79. elliott

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  80. Lorna Lewis

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  81. Dorothy

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  82. Lisa Felisky

    High quality potent extract. I experienced a centering calm and the disappearance of a nagging sense of overwhelm within a week of taking 1/2 dropper at bedtime. Thank you!

  83. Evelin Rodriguez

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  84. Pam

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  85. katsunico

    Amazing tinctures and fast shipping. Thank you for such a wonderful product! Looking forward to purchasing again.

  86. Meghann Anderson

    Product arrived quickly and very well packed. Thank you so much!

  87. Bean Noneya

    Nice big bottle. Packed well! Thanks!

  88. Baily Lowe

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  89. Christine Lorenzen

    Put it in my coffee every morning!

  90. Matt Stone

    love ordering from this vendor…ships fast and quality made

  91. Heather

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  92. Meghann Anderson

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  93. Randallo Chi

    Amazing people and great customer service.

  94. Michelle Whalen

    I love the product but the bottle is really hard to open.

  95. Sign in with Apple user

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  96. kfbarr64

    Thank you! Wonderful and fast shipping

  97. brooke shockley

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  98. Maribeth Swan

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  99. kfbarr64

    Thank you!!

  100. Jerry Bright

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  101. Heather

    love the quality of this product – recommend this shop!

  102. Heather

    great quality great service recommend this shop

  103. kfbarr64

    Great product!!
    Wonderful and quick responses!!

  104. Edna Escobedo

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  105. Sarah Tiel

    Have gotten in the past. Great and safe packaging when it comes in the mail.

  106. Ashley

    The usual place I buy my lions mane mushroom tincture is out of it so I saw they had it here along with the tincture for my hormones. Can’t wait to see how this one works. I’m sure it’s just as good!

  107. Kelly petty

    Fast shipping. Great product but the dropper lid doesn’t work so have to to just pore it in water & hope right amount.. other then that no problems

  108. Daniel

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    I have not yet used the bottle.

  110. abhiram

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  111. brooke shockley

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  112. Joesph Smith

    I really don't know what to think of this product. I have only used it 1 time so I can't give proper review.

  113. jessica copp

    Wonderful product. Just as described. Shipping was fast

  114. Vicky

    Thanks for a good product and timely shipping! 🙂

  115. Cece C.

    Review has no content.

  116. Heather

    love this item – great company

  117. Gabriella Andreozzi (verified owner)

    LOVE these products!! I bought one last month to try it out and I could definitely notice a difference in brain fog, memory, and concentration. I am now subscribed and will be buying these forever! Thank you!!

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