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Ingredients: A double extraction with Ethyl Alcohol, Spring Water, Turkey Tail (T. Versicolor), Lion’s Mane (H. Erinaceus), Reishi (G. Tsugae), Chaga (I. Obliquus), Maitake (G. Fondosa), Cordyceps (C. Sinesis) and Shiitake (L. Edodes)

Dose: Take 2-3 dropper fulls …

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Ingredients: A double extraction with Ethyl Alcohol, Spring Water, Turkey Tail (T. Versicolor), Lion’s Mane (H. Erinaceus), Reishi (G. Tsugae), Chaga (I. Obliquus), Maitake (G. Fondosa), Cordyceps (C. Sinesis) and Shiitake (L. Edodes)

Dose: Take 2-3 dropper fulls 2-3 times a day in juice or water. Best if taken with high-quality Vitamin C. Shake well before use.

*Any order over 16oz. will be shipped in plastic bottles for safety during transport. We advise to transfer tincture to glass bottles upon arrival for long term storage.

**These statements have not be evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease**

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 8 in

1, 16, 2, 4, 8, 1.75 liter


chaga, cordyceps, lions mane, maitake, organic alcohol, reishi, shiitake, spring water, turkey tail

92 reviews for Power Immunity Tincture

  1. Charles

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  2. Elana Stahl

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  3. Charles

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  4. carol wallach

    Thanks, excellent tincture. I am giving it to my dog daily… steam off some of the alcohol for him. It's helping his immune system and cancer. Recommend it to all- great stuff, back when I need a refill. I take it also.

  5. Laurie N

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  6. Charles

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  7. Shaye

    Thank you! Shipped quickly, better than expected! I’ll have to get the larger size next time, I’ve already almost used it all up.

  8. Om Shanti

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  9. Nola Watkins

    This is truly a one of a kind high quality product shop. Their products are truly beneficial, very reasonably priced, and customer service is top notch!! Customer for life!

  10. Nola Watkins

    Amazing products!!! Fast shipping! Love this company ????

  11. Nola Watkins

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  12. Shaye

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  13. dudmeister

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  14. Kaylee Hg

    Fast shipping. High quality product at a reasonable price.Thank you so much

  15. Charles

    Truly exceptional product at a great value! Thanks for getting me through the flu season unscathed ????

  16. colleen Pawley

    Was great would buy again

  17. Ally Bierce

    haven't been taking it long yet but i already love it!

  18. Pnugent

    USPS obliterated the first package and all i got was a smashed and soggy box of shards in a plastic bag. Contacted the good folks at Running Waters, and they did not hesitate to send me a replacement. The tincture itself tastes potent, and I'm very thankful for the care and clear intent embodied in this fungal offering. Recommended!

  19. Liz Blomstedt

    Excellent! Arrived quickly, too. Thank you!

  20. Jami

    I will certainly purchase again

  21. Danae Michele Liechti

    this is easy to intake. I do not taste bitter or alcohol

  22. Mia Sarah

    i love it i hope you're able to keep it in stock!!

  23. Rita

    I've left a review on this before but I cant stress enough how much of a god send this is. It helps me in so many ways. Thank you so much! Definitely have a lifelong customer for sure.

  24. Stephy

    Items packed well and arrived quickly. I have added to my daily arsenal for optimal health. Smooth transaction and seller is responsive to questions.

  25. Jose Flores

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  26. Tiffany

    Potent and natural! I do feel focused and more energized.

  27. Val

    Love this tincture! Will be ordering more of this particular combination. Thank you, Running Waters.

  28. MimiLynn

    Arrived quickly and good quality.

  29. chaelle4

    This product has helped me stay covid free I am a nurse who works in NY in an ICU. I'm exposed everyday but I have not been sick at all

  30. s

    fast arrival and lovely stuff. thanks y'all!

  31. Rita

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  32. Jeanelle Degraffinreed

    It came faster than expected.

  33. Jackson

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  34. Liubov

    Thank you! Fast shipping!!! Nice product. ????????????❤️????

  35. Nikki Diatto

    Thank you! Seller was prompt and made it easy to communicate and made a custom blend for my needs. Appreciate their kindness and help. The product is great and as described. Will buy again and recommend!

  36. Amanda Frisius

    Great shop! Awesome customer Service, fast shipping!
    Haven’t tried this one yet! But I really like the chaga one 🙂 so I’m sure this will be just as great!

  37. Moe Seeker

    I ordered this product .Now I can try it.

  38. Gwynne Hadidian

    I really like this shop – great quality items, exceptional prices and excellent customer service.

    I am a new customer and will definitely be a repeat, long term one.

    I am so looking forward to trying this tincture. Highly recommend this etsy business!!

  39. Amanda Frisius

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  40. Guiomar

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  41. Nikki Diatto

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  42. Jacquie S

    I love it and happy with the speedy delivery.

  43. Amanda Frisius

    Always fantastic! Great company, great quality! Thank you!

  44. corinnaanne

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  45. Sara WhiteEagle

    Wonderful, potent blend of powerful mushrooms- perfect for building a strong foundation!

  46. Erin Baugher

    Fast shipping, great taste, quality packaging.

  47. Ally Bierce

    have purchased this tincture several times and i love it!

  48. Heather Mourer

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  49. dbay4stuff

    So good and good for you – thank you!

  50. Josh

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  51. Guiomar

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  52. Kristy Bruno

    I love this tincture! It's quality! And there's no extra nonsense ingredients like "four sigmatic and the other big brands have which are double the price for the same size. It's a must purchase!!

    Thank you

  53. Shaye

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  54. Andrew Gerren

    I have ordered power immunity a number of times now. The shop owners are so nice and willing to work with me to provide this great medicine. This is indeed a powerful yet wonderful blend of medicinal mushroom allies that everyone can benefit from. Good quality product! Forget the review, what are you waiting for? Highly recommend this. 🙂

  55. dbay4stuff

    LOVE. THIS. STUFF!! Love it.

  56. patricia

    This is a perfect addition to our winter immunity support boosting immunity but not overwhelming it. We will be purchasing these again.

  57. Jordon Williams

    Always a pleasure doing business with this seller! Great product as always, packed with fruit bodies!! Love Love Love this product!

  58. EbsKnowsBest

    Love this product!! Thank you so much for all that you do!

  59. patricia

    purchased 4 oz first, then 8 oz this time as i am giving to everyone in our home. enhancing immunity without overwhelming.


    I’ve been taking this daily with water for about a week now and I can really feel a difference in my energy and cognitive function. 10/10 highly recommended

  61. Val

    Fast ship, well packaged and great tinctures.

  62. Mia Sarah

    Sent as gift and they received it very quickly.

  63. Kathryn Marcellus

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  64. shegiggles2

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  65. Kathryn Marcellus

    This is the best stuff!

  66. shegiggles2

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  67. Mimi Marie

    Absolutely LOVED this! Took 1/2Tsp daily in my hot cacao. The smell & taste was very pleasant, although I adore shrooms & anything earthy! The price is the best I’ve found this far & it’s lovely quality! 🙂

  68. dbay4stuff

    My favorite blend of mycomedicinals – thank you!

  69. mcirish23

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  70. mcirish23

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  71. Dave Tripp

    Love it.

  72. mcirish23

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  73. mcirish23

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  74. Mandy

    this transaction was prompt and the quality is as described. Good Etsy experience

  75. Katherine Yang

    The quality was great, very happy! Overall, awesome experience!

  76. bunny

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  77. Lisa Felisky

    A very potent mushroom blend! I had to start low and ease into higher doses as it stimulated a very therapeutic detox effect.

  78. Kristen Mackay

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  79. Nicole Huff

    Excellent product. Helped me fight a cold with just one dose.

  80. lakestreet35

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  81. Karen Stapp

    Got here quickly. Packaged well. Thanks.

  82. jane martin

    Good price, great customer service, well-packaged. Thank you!

  83. shanisha21

    Packaged very securely. Quick shipping. Blends perfectly into my tea.

  84. Heaven Kuder

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  85. Randi Terrell

    fast shipping and amazing product

  86. michael

    Great product… have been using for a while, it works great.????????????????

  87. Cory Schoonover

    Consistently high quality tincture, securely wrapped and shipped in a timely manner whenever I order. I've been ordering tinctures from this seller for over a year and have never been dissatisfied.

  88. mcirish23

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  89. Amanda McPherson

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  90. Kathryn Marcellus

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  91. Tha Hyybrid

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  92. Carla Martinez

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