The Art of Silly

It is a major misconception that silly equivocates to not so smart, in fact with the goose it is much the opposite! After spending 3 fun and wonky years learning from our Buff geese I have begun to realized the wisdom of their ways.

Yesterday our chief mother goose Maggie, hatched out 4 super healthy and intelligent little goslings. We knew that the little tykes were on their way to be smothered with caring love the night before. The pre hatch pep talk and gentle cooing cajole that Maggie administered to the gosling the last evening of their shelled lives was very impressive. She undoubtedly knew that the 4 cuties had synchronized their birthdays for the following gorgeous 70-degree spring day. Kristina, Sabrina and I were lucky enough to be playing outside of the coop with Maggie’s nest exposed to the warm daylight to witness the pep talk. Unlike any of her usual honks, hisses and whispers her pep talk voice was totally unique. Calming, confident and encouraging it was obvious that she was preparing her kids for the world. Lasting for a good 10 minutes with apparent two-way communication, the kids and Maggie came up with a solid birthing game plan. I am not sure if that 10-minute talk was the only one of the day, but when it was over we all knew that the goslings were ready to bust out! Even in the shell their minute chirp is audible, and I am sure highly informative.

To witness and actually understand this event gave me even more insight into the wisdom of the goose. We know that geese mate for life, fight for their family, take care of the wounded, and maintain vigil until death. In my opinion, the level of love and loyalty displayed by the goose is unparalleled by any other creature. It is fitting that they are known to represent fertility, fidelity, courage and loyalty. Our human family can truly learn many valuable lessons from our feathered counterparts.

Watching Maggie over the past month and witnessing her persistent loving dedication has been a major inspiration. Even after lifting her off the nest to give her breaks and fluff her goslings Maggie has never bitten us. The honor that Maggie has bestowed by letting us into her family to help raise her flock is very special. Kristina and I have taken her steadfast trust and integrity to heart. It is our aspiration to raise our daughter in the ways of the goose.



What about silly? Well, that’s just the way we are ; )


*The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy lists the American Buff goose as critically endangered in the U.S.; meaning there are fewer than 500 breeding birds and five or fewer primary breeding flocks. More information about ALBC and the waterfowl census can be found on: