Product Info

Product Info

          Our homesteads gourmet and medicinal products are organically grown with pure live water and a lot of love. We locally source all ingredients that are not homegrown. This is done with extra special care for sustainability and environmental health. Fortunately, our region is home to many exceptional organic farms that we are honored to collaborate with.

            Our high potency double extracted medicinal tinctures are made with 190 proof non-gmo corn alcohol, pure living water and only the cool-dried fruit bodies of our homegrown organic mushrooms. This process ensures only the highest of quality. We do not use “fillers” such as brown rice mycelium in any of our products.

            Especially unique, our spices and hot sauces showcase the magic of umami-rich fermented garlic. Upon discovering Black Garlic, we had no choice but to incorporate this delicious culinary medicine into our repertoire. Synergizing with apple wood smoked onion, spicy peppers, artisanal salts and herbs; the Black Garlic experience of these symphonic flavors is a must!

            Please find our products at the following locations:

Come see us in person at one of the many Lawrence Farmers Markets:

Find us Saturdays either at the Farmers Market downtown, or the Makers Bakers and Acres Market in North Lawrence.

Thursday afternoon you can find us at Cottin’s Hardware Farmers Market

All of our tonics, teas, extracts, spices and hot sauce are available on our ETSY shop with FREE Domestic Shipping!

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