We are ready to share our love and passion for food and life with the world! Winter is finally coming to a gradual end and the buds and eggs of new life are beginning to emerge. On this gorgeous snowy day, 9 months after our daughter’s birth, the timing feels perfect for our doors to open. We are incredibly grateful to have this opportunity!

The exciting production and growth of last season has pushed us ever onward towards bringing our creations to you. For the first time we are harvesting and evaporating delicious and nutritious sugar maple sap into syrup. Many varieties of mushroom mycelium are beginning to fill the grow room. New batches of extract are soaking in the sunlight. Wild oyster and plugged shiitake logs are continually gifting us with tender fruit. Our oyster mushroom greenhouse is in the final stages of construction. The decks and hot tub platforms for our campsites are taking shape. Our goose and chicken mothers are diligently incubating their clutches for the next generation of feathered friends. Life here is busy, beautiful and abundant! We will be sure to keep it growing and flowing!

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to all who have helped in the creation of Running Waters. Beginning with the cleansing and reclamation of the old homestead, to building new ponds, gardens, greenhouses, campsites and grow room’s thank you family, friends and WWOOFer’s for making it possible.

Please stay tuned for updates, recipes, mushroom information, retreats and fun homestead events. Cheers to new beginnings and a new season!