Organic Kombucha STARTER TEA / CULTURE with Scoby

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Organic Kombucha STARTER TEA / CULTURE with Scoby

**GUARANTEED TO THRIVE** Includes over 9 Yes (>NINE) ounces of specially formulated powerful starter tea and Scoby!! PLUS simple detailed brew instructions. Starter will be completely sealed in air-tight BPA free plastic for shipping. ** SCOBY SIZE AND SHAPE VARY** Making absolutely ZERO difference in our guaranteed quick …

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Organic Kombucha STARTER TEA / CULTURE with Scoby

**GUARANTEED TO THRIVE** Includes over 9 Yes (>NINE) ounces of specially formulated powerful starter tea and Scoby!! PLUS simple detailed brew instructions. Starter will be completely sealed in air-tight BPA free plastic for shipping. ** SCOBY SIZE AND SHAPE VARY** Making absolutely ZERO difference in our guaranteed quick Kombucha growth success. For those people who are very concerned with Scoby size..please do more research and learn that powerful liquid starter culture is the true key to Kombucha growth! We have been brewing and sharing our culture for over 10 combined years with a 100% success rate. (Please do not purchase our product unless you want to brew Kombucha..we do no sell Scobies to look at!!)

These Kombucha starters come from cultures who are ancient, thriving strong and healthy in pure living better than spring water (quadruple filtered, mineralized and crystal charged) , organic black tea and organic cane sugar.

If you follow our instructions you will have delicious Kombucha in under 7 days!

Happy Brewing 😉

*****SUMMER HEAT WARNING*****If the package is exposed to over 97 degrees F the liquid and Scoby will DIE..please do not allow the package to sit in a hot mailbox! Refunds will not be issued due to mailbox neglect 😉

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 in

kombucha scoby and tea, organic black tea, organic cane sugar, spring water

264 reviews for Organic Kombucha STARTER TEA / CULTURE with Scoby

  1. Pam

    very very nice shop owners!

  2. Bailey Sutliff

    Review has no content.

  3. Charles

    Gorgeous aggressive scoby she is definitely doing a great job ???????? thank you!

  4. Sherrie McCormick

    arrived well packaged and brewed a good batch of kombucha! thank you!

  5. k761110e

    Review has no content.

  6. Selah Ryan

    Thank you so much for the beautiful scoby~ It came super fast and has already reproduced! It also makes some killer kombucha, thanks guys!

  7. Selah Ryan

    Both scobys are awesome! They make the best tasting kombucha we've ever had, which I'm pretty sure is from that extra love juice y'all put in there , and they got to both destinations in the blink of an eye. Look forward to getting more gems from you guys. Thank you :))

  8. Mathew Scicluna

    Item arrived on time, but the Scoby didn’t survive the trip. I don’t think it was the shippers fault, but always sad to see a dead item.

  9. Stephanie Smith

    Review has no content.

  10. Rebecca Hopper

    Shipped very quickly, packaged well to protect the contents. This SCOBY was big and healthy, started brewing and it created a baby SCOBY on the first batch, and the baby ones are creating more. Also comes with instructions, very helpful for new Kombucha makers. My first SCOBY was a dehydrated one, and I think this is much better. Good price, highly recommend!

  11. Laurie N

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  12. Becky

    Perfecto. Making awesome Kombucha at this moment. Thanks!

  13. jpennou

    Fast delivery. SCOBY is growing stronger and stronger. Love to be able to brew my own kombucha!
    Thank you

  14. Elizabeth Ann

    I received my order promptly and am very happy with the scoby! It's a thick and healthy scoby and as soon as I received it I made some tea according to the instructions, let it cool and put in my scoby. It sunk to the bottom at first, which is normal, and has risen to the top about 10 minutes later. It's great! I'll let it ferment a week, as that seems to give me a good kombucha and then try the tea. :))

  15. Carol

    Scoby looks and smells healthy. Sent with lots of starter tea. Well packaged. Thank you!

  16. Amanda Nova

    Received a healthy clean scoby to start brewing gain. Made a batch of Kombucha 5 days ago and already seeing a new scoby form. Thanks!

  17. nicole hunt

    Excellent communication, super fast response! My scoby arrived safely packaged and ready to go! They met my requests for delayed shipment without any hesitation! Would definitely buy from again and highly recommend!

  18. Nicole Vogel

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  19. Cocoa Lush

    I was looking for a scoby that would tolerate using raw organic cane sugar and finally I found this shop.

    My scoby arrived on time! It was in a sealed bag, and that bag was inside of a zip locked sandwich bag. I was pleased with that ????

    There was just shy of one cup of starter liquid, so I added a small amount of vinegar to make up the difference. Other than that, I followed the instructions on the typed sheet enclosed and tucked my Kombucha Jar away. That was about 4 days ago, and so far I'm seeing an even scoby forming on top of the Kombucha!

    I'm excited about this because I've ordered scobies from big name companies (nondehydrated) and they never produced more than a film. It took literally months to see the thickness I'm seeing now with this scoby, and I'm using the same recipe! Thank You Guys! ????

  20. rw3iss

    Strong and worked great! Was 1/2" thick when arrived, put into a strong brew (mostly chunmee green tea with a little earl gray mixed in), a little sugar, plus a jar of existing kombucha to help jumpstart it a bit, and after a few days the scoby started creating a larger one on top of it, doubling in size after 5 days. Batch looks really healthy!

  21. Sarah Fremont

    So amazing!! Love it!

  22. Jewelie Reedy

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  23. Kim LaCoste

    Beautiful scoby! Making my first batch of kombucha!

  24. elin Hanson

    Beautiful healthy SCOBY! Nice size and came with two babies! I received my SCOBY family quickly and nicely packaged. Thank you ????

  25. C.M. Adams

    Fast shipment. Excellent, healthy SCOBY. Would definitely purchase again. Store looks fab!

  26. Sarah Fremont

    Fantastic!! Thank you!

  27. Cocoa Lush

    These Scobies are Herculean! This is my second one, and it's just as strong, if not stronger than the first! I let it sit for a while before I started my brew so I had to add a bit of vinegar to have a full cup of starter tea, but it performed faster than my first.

    My first started to grow another scoby by day 2 (without extra vinegar) this scoby began forming a baby the next day! I'm talking even, sturdy, and clearly visible layer. I was overjoyed to find a supplier that used Organic Raw Cane Sugar, which is what I use, so there wasn't really a transition. These scobies are dependable and brew like a dream. I've never had a problem with this shop, from customer service to packaging, shipping on time, ect. Zero problems. They're friendly, prompt and knowledgeable! I highly recommend their scobies!

  28. Courtney

    Really strong starter scoby! My very first batch of kombucha came out great and was super easy to do.

  29. Katie

    Came a little earlier than expected and the scoby was in good shape! Excited to see it in action.

  30. Jewels

    Healthy and productive scoby! Will buy again!

  31. Joaquim Thomas

    It's now 2 weeks since I got my scoby and my kombucha is finally ready. Let me tell you, it taste delicious. Everything was perfect. From shipping package to instructions on how to start brewing to the final products coming out amazing. Thanks again. 🙂

  32. Heidi

    Amazing start after only three days!

  33. Heidi

    After brewing for 10+ years i had to start over. I ordered two scobies to start two small batches & i couldnt be more pleased! Scobies are thick, healthy & thriving! New scobies are forming in just three days, in the middle of winter, in NY. Amazing!! Thanks so much!

  34. Kc

    Healthy scoby, well packaged and shipped fast. It's doing great!!

  35. Heather

    Purchased the Kombucha and jun Kombucha scoby. They arrived in tact and not punctured! Thank goodness. First mother began to work within days, started second batch today! You can see the difference in color with her doing her work! And shes already made another! Fantastic seller! Thank you!!!!

  36. Sara Alinia

    Beautiful scoby, thanks!

  37. Sandra

    Well sealed well packaged SCOBY delivered very quick. Thank you for a lovely service..

  38. Tricia Graham

    I'm giving this review 5 stars for a few reasons. #1 this was a very nice healthy and thick SCOBY. #2 it was shipped promptly #3 there were helpful instructions so I could get started right away. I do feel like it's only fair to myself and the UPS worker to mention that it leaked all over. I recieved a wet and soggy box and there wasn't a great deal of starter liquid. My instructions were wet Kleenex kinda fragile but I was able to lay them out on a towel and read them. Accidents happen and I accept that. I think this is a great place to purchase from despite my situation. Thanks! ????

  39. Bill and Molly Lunsford

    Shipped quickly and in perfect condition! Excited to see how the brew turns out 🙂

  40. Diane Kring

    Buy this scoby!!! You can't beat the price for a quality starter scoby from folks you can trust!!! Thanks, and God bless!!!

  41. Cocoa Lush

    This is my third purchase from this seller and the scoby is a juggernaut like the others! I got a little bitty one this time, but it was no less powerful than the thicker ones I was sent before. I couldn't be more pleased with the service quality and experience! HIGHLY reccomend ????

  42. Carla Rae

    Very healthy SCOBY. I'm already on my third batch. Thank you so much.

  43. Mary Gast

    So far it's great! Did a slightly smaller batch of tea for the first round and less than a week in, we have a nice healthy scoby growing atop the little one we received. Can't wait to add some ginger in bottles for the secondary fermentation and start a new, bigger batch!

    Communication and speed of shipping with this seller was perfect. Thank you so much for making this available during a difficult time for everybody.

  44. Emmy Wehm

    Great packaging and exactly as it is listed! Wonderful scoby! It has taken off and already grown new scobys! Can’t wait to try my first batch of kombucha! Just a few more days:)
    Thank you so much!

  45. Northern Onyia Organics

    I read every review before purchasing because I wanted to make sure that the scobies would be thick. I ordered 2 scobies for $17 and both were extremely thin. One of the scobies arrived torn (I’m assuming from shipping). The photos are misleading.

  46. Cynthia Kuhn

    Super healthy Scoby, I'm so happy with this purchase – Thank you!

  47. Kelsey Zeller

    First batch is going strong! Fast shipping.

  48. Patricia

    Perfect little scoby friend! Thank you

  49. Leslie Blackburn

    Review has no content.

  50. Brianna Littleheart

    Thank you for the healthy scoby!

  51. Baby Sheep

    Review has no content.

  52. Maxine Alchek

    Scoby Super-power! This thick scoby out-performed my expectations. I'm just learning how to brew kombucha, and wasn't clever enough to figure out I didn't have a large enough vessel for my recipe. (And I didn't have the forethought to half the recipe.) So I butchered this SCOBY in half, to make two batches. Thankfully, each half did a great job, growing their own new SCOBYs, and I couldn't be more pleased. Many thanks!!

  53. Jessica Dudzinski

    Fast shipment, great packaging. The SCOBY I received is in perfect condition.

  54. Rachael

    Item arrived promptly and as expected! My scoby was in great shape and I would highly recommend the seller. Thank you!

  55. cjayinsc

    My new cute scoby arrived in great shape with enough liquid to easily make 1 gallon of Kombucha. First batch was a success. Thanks!

  56. mookyfish

    Arrived safely with easy instructions. Thank you!

  57. Kirsten George

    Great condition! Shipped quickly! So happy with this purchase!

  58. Emily Newhard

    Review has no content.

  59. Cynthia Kuhn

    Terrific Scoby, super fast shipping, thank you!!

  60. Katelyn Ziegler

    Super fast shipping even with everything going on, really nicely packaged so no leaks or damage, I really appreciate it, thanks!

  61. Renata Seergae

    Review has no content.

  62. Nicole Vogel

    Review has no content.

  63. Kendra Koch

    Product arrived with full instructions, nicely packaged, and with healthy looking scoby in starter tea. I’m excited to start this process!

  64. slownmispeled

    1. Created a label to give the notion of fast shipping, but didn't actually ship for 3 more days.
    2. This is complete trash. This is nothing more than some.liquid with a few strains in it. I could have bought a bottle of kombucha for$3 and had the same thing. There is no " scoby" in this. Just a small thing that looks like a tiny stream of snot. Absolutely nothing as advertised. I did not speak to them, didn't see the point, they have to know they are ripping people off and false advertising. I will report this to etsy.

  65. dragonwater124

    I ordered 2 different SCOBYs. This and a jun. Both of them came with great instructions to get you started with quite a bunch of starter tea (which I have read up on, and is actually the more important part for brewing). I'm about to enter into my second fermentation for my first 1/2 gallon batch of both, and am really impressed with how both of them are tasting so far.

  66. AstroLisa

    Review has no content.

  67. Lucy

    Beautiful healthy scoby! Shipped very fast. I haven't made Kombucha in years and was skeptical about obtaining a scoby online. I made a good choice using this company!
    I highly recommend this store if you want a quality product.
    Thank you!

  68. zepprr

    Strong, healthy scobys so far. Very happy.

  69. Jay Sanders

    Super easy transaction, and my new SCOBY is growing like crazy! For the price of one big bottle of kombucha you can start making your own.

  70. Clara Storm

    Arrived in as timely as this time would permit. The scoby seemed a bit small, but within a week it has formed a lovely white skin and is getting bigger. Clear instructions and plenty of starter liquid. Can't wait to make my own for a fraction of store bought cost! Thank you!

  71. colinandcarla

    Fabulous! Arrived in perfect condition and I brewed a great first batch of komucha from this. Thank you!

  72. Amy Middleton

    It came quickly and was very healthy!

  73. Cindy Rossetto

    Review has no content.

  74. lisa avery

    Arrived very quickly and looks great. Excited to try Kombucha for the first time!

  75. ralbertmv

    Scoby arrived quick, packaged well and looking healthy. It has now grown and is just what I needed. I would highly recommend this seller as a source for a scoby. A+++

  76. rpiec

    Great service! fast shipping. (just a few more words)

  77. Alex

    Super affordable and got here fast

  78. Sarah Crittenden

    Highly recommend! The scoby arrived quickly and carefully packaged with starter tea. Within two days it started to form a larger baby scoby on top and my first batch was ready to bottle in less than a week! Thank you 🙂

  79. kubanative

    I put together a Kumbucha starter kit for my mom for Mother’s Day. Really happy with this scoby!

  80. nctravelgoddess

    Fast shipping! Fair price. Thank you 🙂

  81. Kailey

    Review has no content.

  82. Joanna Siegel

    Arrived quickly and safely, looking happy. It is doing its magic now; I am so grateful I could get my hands on a healthy scoby during a time when I can't hit up friends (or afford store-bought booch). Thank you!!

  83. Tramaine Peterson

    Great scoby, came on time. Still alive many batches later

  84. Brooke Heibel

    Very small scoby but it worked! Great packaging.

  85. frankielujan

    Super quick process! I ordered and received my scoby within a week. Thank you!!

  86. Tara Berger

    super fast shipping. Brewin' my booch now! seems like a great product, thank you!!!

  87. Nikita

    Arrived quickly and was well packaged. They even added instructions for the first brew. Would definitely recommend this shop!

  88. Vân Le

    I followed the attached instruction, 1st brew in 3 days and bottled with syrup for 3 more. The kombucha tasted clean and bubbly! Strongly recommended.

  89. Azaria Rubio

    Arrived fast and with wonderful directions on how to brew your own batch! It was a gift for my mother and she is currently midway through her first batch and is very excited. Everything seems to be going great. Good amount of liquid comes with as well.

  90. Jessica Bryant

    Purchased for a friend and she has really loved making kombucha. Thank you!

  91. Sarah A Bleemel

    Prompt shipping. Excellent quality. Brewing up a brew right now 😀 Seller appreciates recycling, which I also appreciate. Highly recommend.

  92. nctravelgoddess

    Awesome seller!!! This was my second order. Thank you!

  93. Daydream Prints

    Strongest scoby I've ever purchased! Kombucha was strong after first week of fermentation


    Scoby and starter arrived quickly; Ordered on the 19th arrived on the 22nd. Started my brew, awaiting my first batch! Excited! Came with directions too! Thank you!

  95. Jb

    Fast shipping and already brewing a batch of kombucha!

  96. Yenny Maull

    Review has no content.

  97. Laura Gibson

    Review has no content.

  98. Kelsey

    Great starter scoby for a first time kombucha brewer!

  99. Nicholas Gannon

    amazing product! robust fermentation- great outcomes

  100. Tonya

    Super fast and packaged well. Can’t wait to use this! Thank you!

  101. Christine

    The SCOBY arrived on time, and was very alive. After just one week in my new batch of kombucha, a new SCOBY is forming. So happy with this product.

  102. Kimberly Ware

    Review has no content.

  103. Carissa Leith

    Awesome Kombucha Scoby with clear instructions for brewing! I’ve brewed a few batches now and am very pleased with the product 🙂
    Kristina and Charlie were very easy to communicate with and flexible with shipping dates for me which was greatly appreciated too!

  104. Katelyn Strange

    Love it!! Since I've gotten it 2 months ago its more than quadrupled in size.

  105. Slava

    Review has no content.

  106. ga19peach

    Awesome quality…was small, but mighty. Within less than 24 hours could see "cloudy" new scoby forming & scoby was nearly an inch thick 3 weeks later! Would purchase again without hesitation. Also purchased jun scoby & had same results. Very pleased!!

  107. Meredith

    The mother arrived promptly and was packaged well with plenty of starter tea. It is growing nicely and has already produced several excellent batches of kombucha. Considering the price of a single bottle of store-bought kombucha, this mother has already paid for itself, and I love being able to flavor the final product however I like!

  108. craftygoddess13

    Perfect Scoby and Instructions
    On the second ferment on the 1st batch and starting round two. Thank you!!!!

  109. Elizabeth Liebschwager

    Perfect! Super fast shipping and my new brew already has a fat new scoby forming 3 days in. Generous amount of starter tea to get started. So impressed, the packaging was wonderful and the whole experience was beyond my expectations. 10/10.

  110. Nica Ware

    Amazing! I've made two batches with it already and I couldn't be happier! Thank you!

  111. Beth

    Impressive. Attentive, helpful and efficient shop. Was able to make a perfect gallon of delicious kombucha
    with the tiny scoby and meager amount of starter tea that I received. The scoby it produced is now divided and making 3 new gallons, beautifully!

  112. Ana Andrade

    Review has no content.

  113. Justin Espana

    Fast shipping, no leaks in the package, and grew a beautiful pellicle for my first batch of kombucha. Very happy with my purchase ????

  114. Veronica

    Review has no content.

  115. LfGarr

    Review has no content.

  116. Rachel Moore

    Worked perfectly!! Already tastes great.

  117. Hsin

    My first successful batch came with this purchase! Sellers are also kind and helpful with your growing process

  118. mklatt811

    Awesome scoby. The first scoby that I had, that I received with a kit that I purchased from an online store, was never healthy and after a month, the kombucha turned to mold. I've had this one for almost one month now and it's 100x healthier, bigger, and producing better kombucha than the kit one ever did. I'm so glad that I found this shop!

  119. Sandra Karumberia- Rugano

    Review has no content.

  120. Raphael

    Review has no content.

  121. rustilevin1

    I made my first batch, and am now on the second one. It tasted very smooth and light. I really enjoyed it, and I bought some big gallon size mason jars to start brewing more with my new scoby’s. Love it.

  122. Brenda Jackson

    Arrived very quickly. Thanks for the instructions as well. My first batch is in process.

  123. napoleonnick

    Review has no content.

  124. Mizudei

    Review has no content.

  125. Pam

    There was a little problem but this great shop reimbursed me. Thank you.

  126. Moriah

    Great scoby and starter with clear instructions. Thank you!

  127. Junanne Powers

    Great, strong starter!! Thank you!

  128. Liubov

    Thank you! Fast shipping!!! Nice product. ????????????❤️????

  129. rebecca an

    Super strong starter and scoby. Seller was very responsive and great communication. Will definitely be buying from them again.

  130. Clarence A

    Came in properly packaged thanks

  131. Ariana Wivier

    amazing healthy scoby that has grown so much!

  132. Bernard

    Review has no content.

  133. Faye Skeans

    I’ve ordered three sconces before but off of Amazon. The first one I got was good but then I stopped making kombucha so I threw it out. Then I started to get back into it and ordered another one off of amazon. This turned into a huge black moldy mess. I tried again off of Amazon and another black moldy mess. So I gave up amazon and chose this scoby to try. What a relief! The scoby has been growing great. The instructions are good and enough pre made booch is included to get it going. The scoby grew pretty quickly and is really healthy. I would only suggest for them to put the measurements in cups instead of quarts because I’m simple folk.

  134. Kelly

    Quick shipping of a lovely and active scoby.

  135. Derek Deen

    Arrived quickly and was cleanly and nicely packaged. Scoby was healthy and the starter works wonderfully

  136. Hermondoz Thompson

    Scoby came intact and with a fast arrival. Thanks.

  137. Amy Noëlle

    My kombucha is in for its second fermentation with ginger and already tastes excellent! Thank you for the great scoby!

  138. E Free

    We made kombucha!! Raspberry and delicious. Great purchase.

  139. Nancy

    On time and well packed with plenty of starter tea, thanks!

  140. nikandre

    Quick shipment and great product!

  141. jennysmith1870

    Scoby came with plenty of starter liquid, was very nicely packaged, and was shipped quickly. I am super happy with this purchase and am excited to try this kombucha. I have my first batch brewing. It looks healthy and smells delicious!
    I bought a scoby from another company on etsy a couple weeks before this that came in a ziplock bag with very little liquid, and the batch went moldy. So this is very much an upgrade.

  142. Felicia Sutton

    Shipped good, she is now a grown up Scoby and doing quite well. Thank you!

  143. ladiesanddames

    Perfect! Thank you so much!!

  144. Jade Fickbohm

    On to my second batch of kombucha with the Scoby that came!! Yay!!

  145. Jacqueline

    Received my Kombucha quickly! Healthy scoby! Loved the detailed directions especially for people like me who haven’t ever been successful with this kind of thing!

  146. Gimena

    Highly recommended! Delicious and fast fermentation.

  147. whiteraindrops

    Extremely prolific scoby! I’ve made a few batches and it is already dividing!

  148. Emily Waldram

    Review has no content.

  149. Taina Lopez

    first one didnt make it but second one did! Wish the instructions were a little more straight forward like "do this!" but either way, it worked! wooo

  150. Alex

    Love these scobys. Fast delivery too.

  151. Leigh Crossley

    Quick shipping and great quality! I’ve already made a successful batch of kombucha with it. Highly recommend ordering from them and I’ve already ordered a Jun scoby to try too! ????

  152. Summer Stapleton

    Review has no content.

  153. Hiroko

    I initially only got starter liquid not the actual scoby. The seller sent me another package but it was still a really thin small scoby. I will not be purchasing from this store again.

  154. love laugh

    Review has no content.

  155. Madison

    Fantastic! Brewed a lot of kombucha with this!

  156. Sadie Hogan

    Review has no content.

  157. Victoria Chen

    I received this so quickly (even considering COVID19 shipping delays). My first batch came out amazing, definitely a solid SCOBY to start fermentation at home.

  158. Em

    This SCOBY worked so well! I was worried about it being shipped without anything cooling it in the summer heat, but it survived, arrived fast, and is thriving! Already made one half gallon batch of kombucha and waiting on a second full gallon batch that’s looking great! Thank you!

  159. Dominic Pickard

    Review has no content.

  160. Shelly Daspit

    I ordered a scoby recently from this company. My kombucha worked out really nicely. The picture is not what you receive. The scoby is about 3 inches in diameter. Fairly thick and nice looking. Would order from them again even though the scoby was quite smaller than I expected.

  161. Alicia Thelin

    Superb! Best starter ever. Highly recommend.

  162. Victoria

    Better than I expected! This scoby was way thicker than I anticipated and it worked perfectly! I have the cycle going with a new first ferment and a second with added fruit! Thank you so much!!!

  163. Christine Stasa

    Review has no content.

  164. Deborah Thompson

    I ordered a kombucha and a jun scoby and both arrived quickly and in great shape with good instructions to follow. The seller was friendly and helpful and items were packaged nicely. Thank you!

  165. Devon

    Was a little worried getting started making my own kombucha but it all went well and this scoby was perfect to get me started

  166. christel

    Review has no content.

  167. Jessica Rodriguez

    Review has no content.

  168. Kristin Roth

    A+ fast shipping and great, healthy SCOBY! Thanks!

  169. Jessica

    This was a great scoby and kombucha starter. I saw the beginnings of a baby SCOBY forming in just 3 days. The mother scoby sunk in the jar, but that’s not bad thing. And the baby scoby was a clean looking white with no weird off colors or yeasts that looked weird. I honestly don’t think you can get a better scoby starter than this. I just finished my second ferment with this kombucha and it was a nice fizz and sweet. I kept my kombucha at 75 degrees F, so it wasn’t very sour, but you can keep it at 80 degrees to make your end result more sour.

  170. Keyla

    Very happy with my first scoby to make my first time Kombucha ???? it came in a strange but healthy way! At first I was nervous because it was sinking the first week, but passing the days the new scoby came so perfect and beautiful. I already made my fourth Kombucha and it was delicious!

  171. Terrice

    Do to the postal service issues, the item did arrive a day later than expected and a little warm. I was worried. But the SCOBY is forming very nicely and looking forward to fresh Kombucha.

  172. C S

    Review has no content.

  173. brody gills

    Lovely scobies! And a fair price too. Thank you!

  174. Jenn Bowers

    Great scoby, came quickly in the mail. Got our first batch of kombucha brewing right now ????

  175. karebear002

    Review has no content.

  176. Ariel Niles

    Review has no content.

  177. Crystal Cwiakala

    Great scoby! And really appreciate the specific instructions

  178. Jill Dunn

    I purchased a Kombucha and Jun scoby. Both arrived packaged well and with clear instructions. I recommend this seller.

  179. elle

    Review has no content.

  180. CoolPics

    Product arrived just as it was described. Delivery was quick! Would do business here again.

  181. Maddy Miller

    Review has no content.

  182. wymandrea

    Great SCOBY — everything arrived perfectly and quickly. Thank you!

  183. Dorottya

    My SCOBY is perfect, my first batch will be ready on Tuesday! All my questions were answered super fast. Highly recommend. ????????❤️❤️

  184. Emy McCarthy

    Review has no content.

  185. Miss K

    Review has no content.

  186. prettynsilky25

    Success!!! The scoby and starter liquid did exactly what it was supposed to do. I started the batch the same day it arrived, following the directions that was included. To note, I also keep my home on the cooler side (62F) and had no issues. I ordered this along with jun starter liquid and scoby. The new layer of kombucha scoby is taking a bit longer than the jun (as expected), but it is indeed working!

  187. olgatext

    Bought as a gift foe my sister in law after purchasing the same for my own. Absolutely wonderful culture, thank you for sharing

  188. Cynthia Nichols

    I'm very pleased with the scoby and starter! I've made several batches and now have quite a scoby hotel.

  189. Ashley

    Just started brewing my kombucha today and I’m so excited for the final results thanks again will be making further purchases!! Thanks so much 🙂

  190. irene Carr

    Yum!!! Follow the instructions and presto homemade Kombucha

  191. jamie ireland

    Review has no content.

  192. Jess

    Review has no content.

  193. Carlene Gleman

    Exactly as described, thanks so much! 🙂

  194. trav boerner

    Review has no content.

  195. Sarah Fremont

    Thank you so much. love.

  196. Alyssa

    The included instructions were helpful, and my first batch turned out great!

  197. Phoenix Kasper

    Quick shipping and healthy scoby!

  198. Caroluna Hudson

    The Scoby arrived quick. It was well packed and looked healthy! We starting our 4th batch of kombucha! 😊

  199. shainley

    Just what I needed! This SCOBY has been chugging away now for 3 months and has made some very healthy SCOBY babies. Initially, I was a bit confused by the description and images (thinking that extra sugar and tea was included with the starter in a package) but realize now that it was supposed to show what was in the starter liquid.

  200. Emily Cundick

    Very helpful information and instructions given with fast shipping! I would definitely recommend buying from this shop! I had originally bought a scoby from a different seller and it didn't last very long at all (probably user error…). Second time I bought my scoby from this shop and it DELIVERED. Had so much fun experimenting with flavors and such all from this great starter the past few months! It's REAL cold in Wisconsin here now so I may be needing to buy another scoby come spring from this shop. 🙂

  201. Kay Wentworth

    The Scoby looks great, packaged great, is eating currently but should make great tea. Thank you!

  202. Courtney

    Scoby looks good! Thanks for the fast shipping

  203. Megan Squires

    Arrived quickly. Just as described with quick instructions if you are new to making Kombucha. Just started mine!

  204. yuriko2706

    Review has no content.

  205. deegmcc

    Shipped quickly and I’m breaking open my first kombucha soon!

  206. Alicia bradshaw

    Scoby arrived on time and was packaged well. We are about to bottle our Kombucha!

  207. Kelsey O’Malley

    The scoby arrived packaged in a small plastic bag and I felt that it was packaged well to make sure it arrived safely.

    I followed the instructions provided and I also have brewed kombucha one the past.

    I am 10 days in and my first batch is going well, scoby is growing to the size of my glass container and I just made another batch of tea to add once it cools.

    I look forward to being able to drink some now that I’ll have a larger batch and plan to add some lemon and ginger into jars to do a second fermentation.

    Thank you for providing such a great quality scoby and starter tea to be able to jump back into brewing!

  208. kearleydk

    Shipping took a bit longer than I expected but it arrived and is growing just fine. I was afraid the temperature changes during shipping would kill it but it came through just fine.

  209. Carolynn

    What a healthy Scoby! It arrived in very timely manner. It was well packed. I got it into its new host tea that night. Its alive and thriving building a new Scoby to attach to, my new Scoby, TOBY!!!

  210. charmcitygreenbean

    Scoby was delivered quickly and packaged nicely to keep it safe. Started my first brew two days ago and a new scoby is already starting to form on the top, so this says to me the scoby they sent was very healthy and starter tea was strong. Thanks so much.

  211. Tiffany

    Plenty of starter tea (an issue with another place I purchased form) and a nice healthy looking scoby. Cant wait to see how it turns out

  212. devonchorba

    Made my first batch according to the directions and it turned out great! It’s currently in its second fermentation with mango 😋

  213. Megan Ryan

    Review has no content.

  214. Levi

    Fast shipping and product was received as depicted. I had this scoby in a fermenting jar within 30 min of getting the mail. Very excited about brewing my own Kombucha.

  215. Kim Breeden

    Review has no content.

  216. Justin

    Review has no content.

  217. Adriana Kellogg

    Worked great! We’re enjoying kombucha every day now 🙂

  218. Cynthia Nichols

    Always great quality and packaged well.

  219. Fae Nettle

    Perfect! I already have had a couple finished batches from my SCOBY so that’s super exciting. This is my first time brewing, and it came with helpful instructions as well. Highly recommend this shop. 🙂

  220. Sam

    Has already made us several new scones! Great healthy product.

  221. Achosyx

    The shipping was fine and now I have a beautiful scoby thank you!

  222. Tammy

    This hunk of an odd shaped scoby is the real deal! I had a baby scoby within 3 days. Fast shipping and packaged very well. Love supporting a fellow Kansan!

  223. Lauren Betancourt

    Fresh and healthy looking Scoby! Thank you for the quick delivery and good packaging

  224. nettiesherbs

    A nice sized scoby and starter. It’s growing nicely.

  225. Kathy G

    I decided to do an experiment. I ordered Running Waters starter tea (just the starter tea, no scoby). And I ordered starter tea plus scoby from a high quality seller I've used before. I started up two batches of kombucha with everything the same except in one batch I put the Running Waters starter tea (just the starter tea, no scoby) and in the other batch I put the other starter tea plus scoby. Seven days later, both batches of kombucha were ready to drink and a healthy new baby scoby had grown on top of each batch, same size and thickness in both batches.

    This proved to me that the Running Waters starter tea is so strong and healthy it can, by itself with no scoby, produce delicious kombucha and a new baby scoby! I'm impressed and will be shopping here again!

  226. Matthew

    Review has no content.

  227. catiemitchell16

    The SCOBY arrived ahead of schedule in perfect condition! I already have two batches going. Thank you for a wonderful product!

  228. Holly

    Healthy, Delicious, and since we started making it in February we have 5 gallons coming in every 2.5-3 weeks.

    Thank you!!!

  229. Meleaha

    Great quality! On my second batch already!

  230. Regan

    I just made my first batch of kombucha! Thank you! It arrived quickly and securely.

  231. Amanda Jack

    Wow this scoby took off like crazy! It definitely didn't disappoint.

  232. Nathan Mullins

    Easy transaction. Great scoby too.

  233. Cheryl

    After 5 days I have a substantial new scoby forming and can see some trapped bubbles underneath. A tiny amount of the starter liquid had escaped from the packaging during shipment but it has not caused any challenges in the brewing process and the seller addressed my concerns immediately. The scoby that I received with my order was the healthiest that I have ever seen in a purchased starter kit. I highly recommend this product and this seller.

  234. tikka1cm

    Review has no content.


    I haven’t used it yet because my fridge is still full of ready-made kombucha, but the scoby looks good & very healthy.

  236. Amanda Smith

    Beautiful, fat scoby- swimming well packaged in its starter. She will be the mother of many teas.

  237. tamjenny1

    I used to starter for a few brews now, it worked!

  238. Maddie Dwyer

    Review has no content.

  239. Sara Turner

    This was a very well packaged scoby and it came with starter tea and easy to understand instructions. I love the way they labeled their shipping box as temperature-sensitive. They even held it for me when I ordered it on Friday – I asked them to ship Monday to make sure it wasn't in limbo getting hot over the weekend. I started my tea today and I'm super hopeful it will do well, if it fails it's definitely on me lol.

  240. khasilyn1

    Total success- I'm on my 3rd batch already! Thank you!

  241. Leona Kemp

    Wow!! Did they grow. Very good product.

  242. Bobbi Sanchez

    Fast shipping, beautiful scobies! Purchased one for me and one for a friend. I've purchased from other buyers before and was disappointed in the size. This was a great size with liquid.

  243. Susan

    I love my new Scooby! I have only had it 5 days and I have a new good one growing. I bought one for my friends birthday and one for myself. My friend was all excited and hugged her new Scooby saying "a SCOBY! And a healthy one too! I love my new Mother". I'm glad that I picked a SCOBY from Running Water. To answer the questions. The quality was great. It was as it was described. Yes it meet my explantation and beyond.

  244. Pam

    Fast shipping and in perfect condition. Nice amount of starter tea. Packaged very well…no way it could get carelessly crushed. Genius!

  245. Kathleen Gens

    the scoby looked healthy and came with a cup worth of starter tea. So far the kombucha tastes amazing and I can't wait to have a scoby hotel from this batch 🙂

  246. Elizabeth Valenzuela

    They are looking good, happy not waiting time for shipping
    Thank you

  247. Madeline

    Amazing results and fantastic communication with the store owner! Would highly recommend to anyone!!

  248. Isabella Scranton

    Review has no content.

  249. Richard Brown

    Review has no content.

  250. Jaclyn Swain

    Review has no content.

  251. Chris Wampler

    Great healthy and high vibrationaL Scoby!!! Great quality was happy to let them be my choice pick for a symbiotic culture!! I definitely scouted out for a week for the most clean ingredient and healthy Scoby at the better of prices!! happy with this choice!! Appreciate y'all Running Wata!!

  252. Phoenix Kasper

    Fast shipping and a healthy scoby.

  253. susan wetmore

    Fast shipping and seller was awesome with communication and answered my questions quickly. Can’t wait to get that started today. Thank you!!!

  254. Sarah Tatum

    Review has no content.

  255. Janet

    I received this Item very fast. It was exactly like described and was better than I expected. I made my tea and everything looks great. I would recommend buying. Thank you.

  256. Chris Camilleri

    Arrived very well packed, with lots of starter tea! Can’t wait to get this scoby working…

  257. Alex

    Best scoby by far. Others were a bit on the slim side

  258. Ann68

    I bought two Scobys to augment the one I had in order to start continuous brew in 3 gal. container. The 2 scobys were perfect for my needs- 1st CB was ready in only 5 days! Delicious! 2 tips: I put heating pad covered w/doubled hand towel under brewer jar – kept exact 82’F.; after bottling first brew I added 16oz. booch into next batch CB to jump start. Perfectly delicious! Thank you!

  259. Amy Pflum

    Great quality scoby and starter tea! Baby scoby formed beautifully and produced great flavor Kombucha.

  260. Cocoa Lush

    Wonderful, strong scoby! I've bought from this seller multiple times with regular scobies and jun and both types worked out great! I don't think I was caring for the jun like I was supposed to, so I'm back to what I know! The starter is always strong enough to get a baby growing by the next day. Highly reccomend!

  261. Alemania

    Review has no content.

  262. Lori Tullos

    Great kombucha will buy again

  263. Jordan Young

    Excellent thick scoby, have made 2 batches of kombucha and it worked beautifully!

  264. Lori Lohrenz

    The kombucha starter and scoby mat arrived double-bagged and sealed in plastic. I tested the pH before using, and it was just under 3.0, which was nicely tart. Very happy with the speed of delivery and quality of product. Now brewing my first batch from this start.

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