Organic Jun STARTER TEA / CULTURE with Scoby

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Organic Jun STARTER TEA / CULTURE with Scoby

**GUARANTEED TO THRIVE** Includes over 9 Yes (>NINE) ounces of specially formulated powerful starter tea and Scoby!! PLUS simple detailed brew instructions. Starter will be completely sealed in air-tight BPA free plastic for shipping. ** SCOBY SIZE AND SHAPE VARY** Making absolutely ZERO difference in our guaranteed …

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Organic Jun STARTER TEA / CULTURE with Scoby

**GUARANTEED TO THRIVE** Includes over 9 Yes (>NINE) ounces of specially formulated powerful starter tea and Scoby!! PLUS simple detailed brew instructions. Starter will be completely sealed in air-tight BPA free plastic for shipping. ** SCOBY SIZE AND SHAPE VARY** Making absolutely ZERO difference in our guaranteed quick Jun growth success. For those people who are very concerned with Scoby size..please do more research and learn that powerful liquid starter culture is the true key to Jun growth! We have been brewing and sharing our culture for over 8 combined years with a 100% success rate. (Please do not purchase our product unless you want to brew Jun…we do no sell Scobies to look at!!)

These Jun starters come from cultures who are ancient, thriving strong and healthy in pure living better than spring water (quadruple filtered, mineralized and crystal charged) , organic green tea and our pure raw honey.

If you follow our instructions you will have delicious Jun in under 7 days!

Happy Brewing 😉

*****SUMMER HEAT WARNING*****If the package is exposed to over 97 degrees F the liquid and Scoby will DIE..please do not allow the package to sit in a hot mailbox!!Refunds will not be issued due to mailbox neglect 😉

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 in

jun starter liquid, organic green tea, pure raw honey, scoby, spring water

108 reviews for Organic Jun STARTER TEA / CULTURE with Scoby

  1. Lily

    Speedy shipping and nice fat scoby! Thank you!

  2. Holly Sutter

    Thank you for offering a rare gem in the world! My only suggestion is to offer separate brewing instructions for Jun Kombucha; my directions were for Kombucha with sugar. <3

  3. mtmarkham

    Very prompt delivery of a good quality SCOBY and starter!

  4. Holly Sutter

    Such sweetness inside, a bonus culture! Love your Jun. thank you. <3

  5. Charles

    Review has no content.

  6. Jewels

    Healthy and productive scoby! Will buy again!

  7. charisse jacobs

    Oh. My. Gosh!! My first brew gave me 2 scoby's! From one fat healthy very pleased.

  8. chelseacorarito

    It took a little while for it to arrive but I think that was due to the shipping delays right now and not any fault of the sender. The SCOBY arrived in great condition with printed instructions for making kombucha. I just got it set up a couple of days ago and it seems to be humming along so far. Thank you!

  9. Alissa

    It came very well packaged and is working perfectly!

  10. Carole

    My first ferment went well, shipping fast. It is potent.

  11. Vienne Cordet

    Arrived fast! Thank you! Well packaged.Would order from this shop again.

  12. chanel dessormeau

    Review has no content.

  13. T O Shea

    All as was promised, arrived in good shape.

  14. Melissa Rueschaw

    Review has no content.

  15. charisse jacobs

    THIS was a second purchase but for a friend.. she's pleased..I requested shipping directly to her and it was honored!

  16. Renata Seergae

    Review has no content.

  17. Mike Guetlein

    Quick shipping and as described. Can’t wait to taste the tea.

  18. dragonwater124

    I ordered 2 different SCOBYs. This and a kombucha. Both of them came with great instructions to get you started with quite a bunch of starter tea (which I have read up on, and is actually the more important part for brewing). I'm about to enter into my second fermentation for my first 1/2 gallon batch of both, and am really impressed with how both of them are tasting so far.

  19. Daniella

    Beautiful scoby????

  20. Adam M.-Goodskey

    Packaged well, but it appears the USPS was having a field day with it! 🙂
    Received a healthy SCOBY and starter tea that smelled great. Very excited to get this brewing!

  21. G

    The most perfect Scoby I’ve ever seen. A little smaller than I thought It’d be but works like magic! My first batch was like champagne, thank you!!

  22. alysonsmommy

    I recieved the Jun scoby well packaged with alot of starter tea very quickly. It came with easy instructions to follow. Thank you for expanding my kombucha experience.

  23. Traci Chavez

    I recieved my Jun scoby a week ago. I am now on my second brew. I had a nice baby develope with in a few days of getting it. So far I am very pleased.

  24. Zoe Westbrooke

    Wonderful starter! Mine didn’t have any large pieces of scoby in it. But the starter tea worked just fine, and now I have two large grown scobys of my own!

  25. Tuan Hoang

    Thanks for the JUN scoby! It looks nice and healthy. I’ve been making traditional kombucha and can’t wait to try JUN! I’m excited! To your health, and taste buds ????

  26. Polina M

    Easy. Tasty. Really good quality and service. I really like it.

  27. Desiree

    Fantastic! Quick shipping. Safe packaging. Thank u!

  28. ga19peach

    Potent little scoby! Thought scoby was tiny upon receiving, but could see "cloudiness" of new scoby forming before 24 hours passed. At 3 weeks when done brewing, the new scoby was an inch thick!! Would definitely purchase again & highly recommend!

  29. Elyse Leverett

    My packages had sprung a leak in shipping, but the sellers shipped a new one same day! Great product and service!

  30. Claira Stollfus

    Review has no content.

  31. Pam

    There was a little problem but this great shop reimbursed me. Thank you.

  32. Dave Yonkers

    Review has no content.

  33. jacqueline wooden

    so vital! muchos gracias! Viva jun!

  34. Frankie Rodriguez

    Review has no content.

  35. Michelle

    I was disappointed upon arrival due to the package leaking in transit. There was still some liquid in the bag with the "scoby". I feel the listing is a little bit misleading because what arrived was nothing like the thick healthy scoby in the images but was quite thin and in the jostling of shipping looked like just tiny threads not even an intact mass. The seller should post real pictures of what you will receive and let the buyer decide if that is acceptable to them. I gave 4 stars because even with the reduced liquid it made Jun just fine. (I don't see a way to add images on this review or I would)

  36. Lark Lively

    The culture arrived well-performing and is already making delicious Jun tea.

  37. Alexandria Hubbard

    In love with this scoby! This is my first experience making kombucha and now I'm obsessed. The taste of kombucha is AMAZINGGG

  38. Jason

    The Jun scoby shipped quickly and we brewed our first batch successfully. The instructions included were clear and concise however you will need to do some math for smaller batches.

  39. Heather Buchanan

    Amazing all the way around!! Thank-you so much!!!

  40. Katelyn Ferrell

    Came in great condition! Fast shipping & well packaged. Thanks so much!

  41. Lacy

    Quick shipping and scoby was perfect!

  42. Matthew Clark

    Review has no content.

  43. Celina

    Package arrived when expected, no leaks. Removed a start because picture was misleading and received starter with scoby bits, and I was expecting some type of formed scoby.

  44. Mechelle Brown

    It was just as it was pictured.

  45. Deborah Thompson

    I ordered a kombucha and a jun scoby and both arrived quickly and in great shape with good instructions to follow. The seller was friendly and helpful and items were packaged nicely. Thank you!

  46. Carole

    Thank you!! I started a half gallon for the first one and two days later I have a Scotty forming on top!! Awesome, trying to get a continuous brew going…

  47. Milani Bernardini

    Thank you for this happy Jun Scoby! We love our Jun. We use our local honey and organic green tea and it has taken off! We just transferred the Scoby to a 2 gal. ceramic continuous flow vessel. Thank you so much!

  48. toni clark

    This has been a fun science experiment. Our new pet Scoby is perfect!

  49. William Gates

    Couldn’t be happier. Seller promptly responded to my rude inquiry about shipping, which as it turns out was USPS’s fault.

    SCOBY is nearly an inch thick, came with ample starter liquid, smells just how it should, and looks vibrant and healthy. This is going to make good Jun I can just tell.


  50. Jamie Silva

    scoby arrived a little rough looking (its smaller than the pictures, and the one i received was kinda falling apart/not circular) but after a week on my counter with some honey and green tea, its doing very well and looks pretty happy– its gotten a lot thicker and looks v healthy, the starter liquid was really nice and strong– just made my first batch of jun and it came out amazing 🙂 excited to make more.

  51. brody gills

    Thank you so much for my scoby! It's such a healthy looking one too. I had been making kombucha for a couple of years before I even heard of Jun so I was very excited to try it. Turns out I liked it better than kombucha. I really love the honey taste. Although I brew both now, I still prefer Jun. Thanks guys!

  52. Elmo

    Shipped very fast! I'm so exited to taste my first brew!

  53. taiwo

    I will definitely be ordering more things from Runningwatersshop. USPS had issues with my shipment, i emailed them about it and they were really responsive and thoughtful. The Jun SCOBY was thick and i love the jun i made with it. Thank you.:)

  54. Jill Dunn

    I purchased a Jun and a kombucha scoby. Both came in well packaged with easy to follow directions. I recommend this seller.

  55. Motchimoto

    I had a very succesful JUN Kombucha from the Scoby and starter I bought. The product advertised is in excellent quality! I highly recommend and would buy from them again! Thank you for mailing a replacement when the first one didn’t show up. Thumbs up!

  56. Elizabeth E Henderson

    I'm excited to get started with my 1st scoby and full batch of Jun. Ran a couple days late, but that's not worth deleting a start like most would do. The scoby looks healthy and came in starter liquid. Looking forward to my first sip! Thank you!

  57. Courtney Gil

    Wicked healthy scoby!! Arrived in excellent packaging.

  58. James

    Super strong scoby. Arrived in perfect condition.

  59. Emy McCarthy

    Review has no content.

  60. Deborah DiPalma

    I was very happy with the product. There was an issue with shipping due to the post office and the seller informed me of it and took care of it right away. I have my first batch of Jun brewing and can’t wait to try the end product. I would purchase from this buyer again

  61. carla martinez

    Packaged perfectly! Awesome quality!! Only took 6 days for this beautiful scoby to form! Buying another today to start a hotel with! Thank you!!

  62. Raein

    Scoby arrived in excellent condition! I can’t wait to try our new tea ☺️

  63. designergrl1

    Review has no content.

  64. hummer3

    Scobies from this shop are ALIVE. I am so enjoying this Jun. Thank you, Running Waters!

  65. prettynsilky25

    Success!!! The scoby and starter liquid did exactly what it was supposed to do. I started the batch the same day it arrived, following the directions that was included. To note, I also keep my home on the cooler side (62F) and has no issues. You can see a new layer of scoby forming!

  66. Tuan Duong

    Jun tastes great!

  67. irene Carr

    Yum!!! Follow the instructions and presto homemade Jun!!!

  68. Heather M

    Large, healthy Scoby! Very excited to use it.

  69. Jessica

    When i opened the package i was worried that this Scoby would be harmed by the heat, its October in Vegas and its been in the 90s. But i went for it anyway with a batch of Jun. the Scoby looked pretty small so i was also concerned about this. After two weeks the Scoby had grown beautifully and grown a second one! The Jun turned out way better than i had anticipated. I’ll for sure revisit this shop for my next Scoby!

  70. starseed330

    Review has no content.

  71. Pam

    I got it today, I can't wait to make it. Thank you

  72. sggrif

    Review has no content.

  73. Eric Fox

    The Jun turned out great. The scoby has already more than tripled in size. Can't wait to share with others! Thank you!

  74. Virginia

    Jun scoby arrived promptly & my tea was fresh brewed & waiting for it. Scoby was nice size and instructions where concise & clear. Let the brewing begin!

  75. Kimberly

    Received my Jun scoby quickly & well packaged. The scoby & starter liquid look great. I can’t wait to brew my first batch! Thanks!

  76. Katy Allan

    Review has no content.

  77. Francesca

    Quick ship! Efficient packaging! Can't wait to brew!

  78. Tess

    Fast shipping, detailed instuctions, the and Jun Scoby looked nice. Looking forward to making JunTea again in our farm honey. .

  79. Rachel Norman

    Review has no content.

  80. Stuart Janssen

    It's been brewing for about a week and the pellicle is already about half an inch thick, highly prolific, can't wait till it's done.

  81. Melissa DeYoung

    Package came fast, directions are easy and so far everything looks great! I will order again from this company since their product is of great quality!

  82. Caroline C

    The package arrived looking as expected, and arrived quickly. Brewing my second batch, while the first does a second ferment!

  83. Aleksandr Thurman

    Everything came packaged very neatly and thoughtfully, no leaks or tears! Also came with a super easy recipe for my first batch! Super pleased, and really looking forward to making my own jun!

  84. Carrie

    Scoby looks healthy

  85. Jacob

    Very fast shipping, the Jun scoby was bigger than I expected and I started a batch as soon as it arrived. Highly recommend the seller!
    (Not a great picture, but it looks lovely in person)

  86. Achosyx

    Shipping was fine and it seems to be a powerful scoby thank you!

  87. Eric

    Great Scoby! Fast shipping and great seller

  88. jeannineann1

    Packaged perfect with Scoby and starter tea Thank you

  89. koolball5

    This real Jun.Hard to find. Good price.Im drinking it now. Taste great.Making babies scobys. I highly recommend.

  90. Holly

    Such a healthy culture… The instructions were a bit too wordy, but since buying it 3 months ago we now have 5 gallons of Jun every 2 weeks or less… Absolutely lovely! Thank you!!!

  91. Iaian

    Very healthy scoby, it is very happy and well balanced 😀

  92. Francesca Murphy

    Product looked good and smelled great. I just made my first batch of kombucha and can’t wait to try it! ☺️

  93. ufgirl

    My Scoby is doing wonderful! It grew to the width of my two gallon container in just a few days. I can’t wait to try the kombucha when it’s ready!

  94. Carole

    Made my first Jun and all went good. I am in the second fermentation but it tasted perfect. It also had some sweet and sour. Arrived quickly and looked nice.

  95. Charles

    Review has no content.

  96. jessicatkane

    This SCOBY made a gallon of Jun (and a perfect baby scoby!) in 6 days!

  97. Amy Garlington

    Review has no content.

  98. John hill

    Review has no content.

  99. Grant Plowdrey

    A+++ Highly recommend this seller! Super fast shipping and exactly what I wanted! I will definitely buy from this store again! Thank you for the great scoby and clear easy to use instructions! My first batch of kombucha is working super well! I can’t wait to try it when it’s ready! Thank you!

  100. nwhippiemama

    Review has no content.

  101. Amanda Smith

    Powerful culture swimming well packaged in its starter. Lovely scoby.

  102. Hephzibah Beulah

    Perfect Transaction !
    Looks beautiful! Can’t wait to start my first batch of a few years.
    Looking forward to doing business with them again.

  103. Skyler Marsh

    Review has no content.

  104. Kimberly Gilmore

    Love my Jun Kombucha. Scoby was in excellent shape when received.


    I bought Jun SCOBY. It arrived in Canada, where I live, in 10 days. The condition of the SCOBY was perfect. To my surprise, there was a baby SCOBY too, which could be made while travelling.

  106. Rose

    I received my jun scoby today! It looks great and the instructions included are clear and simple. I’m very excited to try it out. Thank you!

  107. Nancy

    My SCOBY had waned, so I purchased one SCOBY for my sister and one for myself. My sister's arrived within days and I received mine shortly after. The instructions are clear and very helpful, much better than the instructions I previously had on hand. The SCOBY looks strong and healthy and both my sister and I are looking forward to resuming our Jun tea routine! Many Thanks!

  108. Nancy

    My SCOBY had waned, so I purchased one SCOBY for my sister and one for myself. My sister's arrived within days and I received mine shortly after. The instructions are clear and very helpful, much better than the instructions I previously had on hand. The SCOBY looks strong and healthy and both my sister and I are looking forward to resuming our Jun tea routine! Many Thanks!

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