3 Whole Black Garlic Heads (culinary)

(88 customer reviews)


Whole Black Garlic Heads (Unpeeled) – Pack of Three (3)

Black garlic is produced by allowing raw garlic to age in temperatures between 140–170 degrees Fahrenheit for 21 days. This allows it to undergo the Maillard reaction, a chemical process that occurs between amino acids and reducing sugars. Not only does this reaction give the garlic …

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Whole Black Garlic Heads (Unpeeled) – Pack of Three (3)

Black garlic is produced by allowing raw garlic to age in temperatures between 140–170 degrees Fahrenheit for 21 days. This allows it to undergo the Maillard reaction, a chemical process that occurs between amino acids and reducing sugars. Not only does this reaction give the garlic a dark color, soft texture, and unique flavor and aroma, but it also enhances the nutritional value. The black garlic taste is usually described as tangy with a syrupy, balsamic- fig flavor. It works well in savory and sweet dishes and can be used in everything from meat blends to desserts.

Not only is Black Garlic amazingly delicious, its also extremely good for you and has many health benefits 🙂

We source our Garlic from local organic farmers in the Lawrence, KS region. (And our garden)

You will receive Three (3) whole, unpeeled heads of black garlic wrapped in paper sealed in an airtight ziplock bag.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Locally Sourced Heirloom Garlic

88 reviews for 3 Whole Black Garlic Heads (culinary)

  1. janijanietc

    smells so good, its the good kind of stink!

  2. Nola Watkins

    I've been buying from this shop for a long time and they never disappoint!! Highly recommend

  3. Emily B

    Review has no content.

  4. Vira King

    Big hit in the house hold. Fun stocking stuffer too for those foodies in your lives 🙂

  5. Liz Bonny

    Awesome stuff. I give it regularly as gifts.

  6. John

    These garlics are amazing in size, quality and taste. They arrived quickly and securely packed. Alreade used one entire bulb for stuffing both an eye roast and venison roast and sautéing spinach. Even ate 1 or 2 cloves just because they are so good ???? Can’t wait to use them in more dishes. Highly recommend this seller and these quality garlics!! Thank you.

  7. Vardan Grigoryan

    this was completely unusable, it was rutted,

  8. John

    Very satisfied with this etsy shop!! Excellent service, quality garlics. Seller is one of the best on etsy. Thank you again.

  9. Crystal Lea

    Okay started off innocently enough..Orderd a bottle of hot sauce. Then we had to order a second bottle after a couple of weeks because it's so good my husband and I fought over it..Then orderd their bulbs and ahhhhh heaven…Also got the pleasure of trying the foomami seasoning and now it too is a must!!

  10. Jolai Persinger

    The garlic arrived quickly, was well packaged, and good quality.

  11. Madison Bischoff

    I could smell the garlic before I even opened the box! It smells so tasty, I am excited to use it with dinner tonight. Thank you!

  12. chickadeeheart

    Review has no content.

  13. Katherine Burchard

    Review has no content.

  14. nicolevafiadis

    Great black garlic, thanks!

  15. Jennifer Wheeler

    Omg nummy!! I chopped the top off and I grilled and put olive oil on them! Best sweetest garlic ever.

  16. alisonpicariello

    This garlic is so tasty!! Although I think this bulb may have been bad? This one looks light brown not black but I’m still happy with the taste and price

  17. Sheri Dollins

    Happy to have found your store! Quality product! Quick shipping & carefully packaged, will definitely shop again!

  18. Megen Luther

    Arrived packaged great and in wonderful conditon. Consumed very quickly because they are so tasty!

  19. christ Blotter

    The garlic is beautiful! Thank you!
    I asked them to change my address because I typed it in wrong at checkout and they responded immediately and fixed it.

  20. Zelma Nihl

    This garlic had an extra thrown in because it was small which was nice but it was overly dry and hard to use.

  21. Arkara

    Wow, this black garlic is out of this world. Be right back, going to place another order! 😀

  22. psychokitty190

    Haven't cooked with it yet. But I opened a clove for everyone in my household to taste. We were all surprised at how sweet and mild it was. Thank you!

  23. craftygoddess13

    Thank you, I am really excited to work with this flavor !!!
    Great timing, return customer

  24. nicolevafiadis

    Great black garlic as always!

  25. Brittany March

    Arrived quickly, packaged well, smells great and I can't wait to try it!

  26. John

    Great stuff enjoyed it all Never enough

  27. Abbie Connelly

    Amazing!! Used to it make homemade pizza sauce for our new outdoor oven. No one could figure out the secret ingredient!

  28. Rebecca Pinto

    W O W! I had never tried black garlic before, and as funny as it may sound, I was watching Bob’s Burgers one night and they had an episode where he was in a cook off and used black garlic as the little twist to his burger. I immediately looked into black garlic and was extremely interested and found this Etsy seller. Since I first heard of it from that show, I first tried it as a spread on burgers and was NOT disappointed. Absolutely amazing flavor and so unique. It also was delivered incredibly fast especially considering the current state of things. Overall, very impressed! Will purchase again.

  29. BeautifuSoul

    Review has no content.

  30. Marissa Fellows

    This my first experience using black garlic and I'm so impressed by the depth of flavor. Will definitely purchase again.

  31. Mary Rankin

    The package arrived 2 days before promised! I had it sent to my sister in Sarasota Florida, and she said the packaging was excellent. No obvious smell in the mailbox, the garlic was in great shape. This is a different vendor for her and she likes this product much more than the other.

  32. nancy lenardo

    Review has no content.

  33. Angie Poberzyn

    Exactly what I was expecting, Thank you!!

  34. Hannah

    Shipped on time, arrive as expected. Would purchase from seller again.

  35. Reelanime

    fantastic and beautiful garlic! I can't wait to try some of the other shop items.

  36. BeautifuSoul

    Review has no content.

  37. carla martinez

    Smells delicious and amazing! Packaged w love and care!! Can’t wait to buy more!!! I’m telling everyone I know!! ????

  38. Robin A Marrs

    I love this product. It smelled so good the delivery person didn't want to give it up.

  39. Nola Watkins

    Cant say enough good things about this company! Buy with confidence in all of their products. Quick shipping and amazing customer service.

  40. Tonya

    Review has no content.

  41. Cynthia Nichols

    Very fragrant and delicious. Pleased with my purchase.

  42. HRHPLO

    As a foodie, I really appreciate being able to try this unique form of garlic! I’m going to have to think of ways to incorporate this into my cooking! Thanks so much.

  43. adeline

    Excellent garlic, well packaged.

  44. Jordan Brittany

    Review has no content.

  45. Jackson Culpepper

    Just what I needed! Some of the best black garlic I've bought.

  46. 768NL

    A taste experience, exotic and yummy. Good raw or in cooking all sorts of things.

  47. tegreenway

    great product! quick shipment! thanks!

  48. Aubri Dabbs

    Came really fast and I saw it on bobs burgers, didn't know it existed. I popped one out and actually ate a whole clove! It's creamy chewy like texture and the taste.. Light garlic but not the burn in your mouth kind from too much, it's sweet…I really like it. Came packaged perfectly. Would def buy again.

  49. NYMPHA

    Bursting with flavor,I was delighted, I will definitely buy more

  50. Dayna

    These arrived well packaged since the bulbs are a little delicate. The aroma is incredible! I am excited to try a few dishes with them!

  51. hayessheila8

    Didn't know what to expect. But omgoodness! The taste is fruity and delicious! I ate one clove from the bulb. Looking forward to using this in a recipe.

  52. Riel MacIntyre

    Review has no content.

  53. Katherine Kistler

    Review has no content.

  54. Angelica

    Review has no content.

  55. Gregory Giles

    Outstanding product and I well be placing another order

  56. Ranisha

    Review has no content.

  57. Keaton Nugent

    Husband loved this unexpected gift! Order came quickly and everything was well packaged. Can't wait to see what he cooks up with these!

  58. Barb Wilson

    My husband found these so delicious that he said they made his mouth water 💦! The flavor was awesome! Exceeded his expectations! 🥰

  59. Chelsea Moorwick

    Amazing 😍 so tasty and beautiful quality!!

  60. Silky Chicken

    Absolutely delicious and beautiful black garlic 🧄 ! My husband has been baking this into fresh breads, calzones, and I have been eating it alone just for the health benefits. It has a sweet balsamic property and is incredibly versatile. My only complaint is that is says it comes in “air tight” packaging. It comes in a ziploc sandwich bag. I wish it came in vacuum sealed packaging especially with all of the current shipping delays. It was in transit for weeks. All in all i will be purchasing from this seller again and highly recommend buying from them.

  61. Mitchell Smith

    Excellent Quality! Shipped fast, tastes yummy. 🙂

  62. Melanie Weinstein

    Wonderful product and customer service! On my list of repeats for sure. Thank you for the black garlic!!

  63. Melina Bennett

    Review has no content.

  64. Meaghan Vestergaard

    Smells amazing and my mother was super happy to receive this in her stocking at Christmas! The garlic was fresh and delivered quickly.

  65. Mandara Ruth

    Wow, these are so delicious…! I meant to give them out as gifts, but I've already eaten 2 of the 3.

  66. wardrobegal

    these were delicious ! a few cloves were kind of shriveled up but all in all, yummy !

  67. Katie

    Excellent quality black garlic!
    Thank you 🙂

  68. theknitbitz

    Great quality and very delicious

  69. Jolley Farms

    Thank you so much for my order

  70. padillasra

    Second time ordering black garlic because is fresh and really good packing.

  71. David Gottshall

    Fabulous product, fast shipping. Thank you !

  72. Opal Sweet

    Very delicious and fast shipping.

  73. MARGO


  74. specialk1961

    Best Garlic in the world…
    You have to try it…

  75. Amanda Rae

    So good! Fast shipping, delicious product. I’ve sent this listing to everyone I know! Will definitely order again.

  76. Joshua freeman

    I'm so glad I decided to pull the trigger and get the black garlic bulbs. Sweet savory with all the right flavors! I made a creme fraiche spread for the bread I baked as soon as it came in!

  77. Mannus

    Garlic 🧄 heads look great with fast shipping

  78. Alicia Sabol

    delicious..I love it..will def be back for more

  79. LaSonya

    Review has no content.

  80. Tori

    Review has no content.


    I received the two new garlic bulbs & they were perfect!

    Thank you so much!

  82. Ashley Deckard

    Review has no content.

  83. Imani Mann

    Review has no content.

  84. Arthur

    A great buy
    Get some

  85. Daniel Parks

    Absolutely awesome. I was hesitant to order these as I wasn’t sure how they’d do in transit. They did fine and I got them within days! The taste is amazing… my favorite application is to mix with a high quality butter (Black garlic spread). Yum! I’ve also used them in stuffed peppers, to a dress a resting steak and just eat alone. All yum. I’ll be buying more. Thank you

  86. Heidi Torndike

    The black garlic is crazy delicious and so good for your health.

  87. Carolyn Johnson

    It is as described. A+ Seller. Thank you.

  88. padillasra

    Great product! I have ordered it 4 times and always happy with the product. Fast shipping. Thank you for the extras!

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