Our Homesteads gourmet and medicinal products are organically grown with spring water and a lot of love. We locally wild harvest all ingredients that are not homegrown. This is done with extra special care for sustainability and environmental health. Fortunately, our local ecosystem is full of mushroom and plant bio-diversity. Our high potency double extracted medicinal tinctures are made with organic alcohol and spring water.

We are excited to provide traditional health maintenance plans to fit all of your long-term mushroom needs. Our monthly Individual Longevity Plan consists of one 8 ounce bottle of Power Immunity, our favorite full spectrum tincture which includes, Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Lions Mane, Maitake and Shiitake. All of our dried mushrooms and extracts can be purchased individually or mixed to your personal specifications on Etsy.

Our fresh products can be purchased seasonally at local Western N.C. farmers markets. For special orders or inquiries please contact us  by phone or e-mail.

Come check us out, in person, for the end of 2018 market season. Wednesdays from 2:00-6pm we are at the Weaverville Winter Tailgate Market, located at the Honey and the Hive shop in downtown Weaverville.



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